Everything you need to know about the NEW HubSpot Sales Professional

There are a lot of exciting changes coming to HubSpot Sales Professional, and we want to make sure you have the right resources to take advantage of this tool for your clients.

So, what’s happening?

HubSpot Sales Professional is growing up. We’re bringing in advanced features and functionality and investing heavily in enhancing the product in a way that will add value for larger, growing, more advanced sales teams.

To new HubSpot Sales Professional will become available November 1, and will cost $400/month, and includes 5 seats.

The Sales Pro you know today, which currently costs $50/seat, will be re-named Sales Starter and will continue to be available at $50/seat.  But, all existing Sales Pro users will be grandfathered into the functionality of the new Sales Professional at their current price of $50/seat.

On top of that, anyone who purchases the existing Sales Pro at the $50/seat before November 1, will also be grandfathered at $50/seat as well.

What does this mean for you as a HubSpot partner?

This is a great opportunity to get your clients on Sales Pro at a lower price. If your clients take advantage of the grandfathering plan they’ll lock in at a great rate and also receive access to the new features as they become available. And the good news is, we've already ungated a ton of new beta features for our partner community (so jump into the tool and test it out!).

Excited to get your clients on Sales Professional? Here are some tools to help.

Don't forget about Sales Starter...

We're not only introducing HubSpot Sales Professional on November 1, but we’re also debuting HubSpot Sales Starter (FKA Sales Pro). We’ve repackaged a lot of the great features you may already leverage like unlimited templates, unlimited sequences into a new product, HubSpot Sales Starter, as well as Messages. This is geared towards smaller, growing sales teams and available for $50 user/month so there’s something for everyone.

If you want to dive deeper, check out Brad Coffey's, HubSpot’s Chief Strategy Officer, thoughts on positioning HubSpot Sales and FAQs here.

Here's an overview on Sales Professional from the Product Marketing Manager, Elise Beck.



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