New & Noteworthy Product Resources [Summer Recap Edition]

Check out the latest and greatest product education and enablement for partners.

Hey partners, some of you know me by now, but if you don't - my name is Justin Graci and I lead product enablement for our partner community.

I know how challenging it can be to stay up to date with all the new training and education we release at HubSpot. To help make things a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the newest resources and on-demand trainings that you may have missed while off enjoying your summer. Here is the latest and greatest product education and enablement for partners:

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What's new in HubSpot Partner Academy:
Why Go HubSpot - Value Pitch Training

This partner training is a replica of the training HubSpot’s direct sales team received this summer. It will help you introduce HubSpot prior to a demo and address a prospect's challenges before discussing software. You'll learn how to differentiate the HubSpot platform to prospects/customers with a value-based educational pitch. This training includes soundbites, examples of successful pitches, and a step-by-step guide behind crafting an educational pitch.

This training will help you close more deals by positioning the overall value of HubSpot to a prospect so they can see how HubSpot grows with their business and how you will support them.

Partner Demo Course Training

In this Academy course, you will learn how to deliver a simple yet educational demo of each of HubSpot’s products. This training is led by HubSpot Sales Engineers and is the perfect next step to the “Why Go HubSpot” training course.

You’ll be able to clearly walk through a demo of each HubSpot product in the same way that HubSpot Sales Engineers do. After completing this course, you'll be more self-sufficient in growing your pipeline and closing more deals to help customers grow better.

Frictionless Sales Certification

Sales organizations in general have no problem using force. If you want to help your sales team grow better, you need to find ways to remove friction. Learn how to use the frictionless selling framework so that your team can spend more time selling. Also, discover how to align your team with your target buyer and how to transform your team through a culture of learning.


Resources to Help You Market and Sell Better:
White Label Offers

We recently launched four new white label offers that you can download, add your agency branding, gate behind a landing page and begin generating leads focused on specific topics such as customer service (Service Hub leads), sales prospecting (Sales Hub leads), lead generation (Marketing Hub leads), and integrations (integration leads).

How to Sell: Platform Integrations

This partner resource page is dedicated to providing you with on-demand education on HubSpot’s platform integrations. Whether you’re getting started with integrations, want to better define your offerings or if you’re looking to go further with custom integrations. You’ll find everything you need here.

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Other new & noteworthy selling resources:


Justin Graci, Sr. Marketing Manager - Product Enablement

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