HubSpot Spotlight Spring 2024

Reinvention starts here

Businesses have to pivot with the times, all the time. But today’s new AI landscape and shifting customer demands call for true reinvention.

That’s where HubSpot comes in

We’re constantly building new products to help you deliver better customer experiences.

We’re shining a light on our latest innovations with Spotlight

Spotlight is a product showcase we’re rolling out twice a year. Think of it as your A to Z guide for everything we’ve built to power your reinvention.

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Built for Your Reinvention

Andy Pitre EVP of Product

SERVICE HUB Go from meeting expectations to making customers for life

Your most valuable customers are often the ones you already have. Keeping them happy while keeping your business growing starts with seeing support and success in a whole new light. Introducing the all-new Service Hub: everything you need to scale support, drive retention, and increase customer value — all in one place.

Deliver world-class support at scale

Maximize rep effectiveness with our all-new Help Desk Workspace, enhanced SLAs, robust routing tools, and customizable knowledge base. Quickly help customers 24/7 with our AI-powered chatbot.

Ramp up retention

Use our all-new Customer Success Workspace to keep your customers smiling from ear to ear. Proactively manage your book of business with actionable insights, customer health scores, and real-time usage data.

Level-up with powerful apps

Customize your Help Desk and Customer Success experiences with essential apps for Service Hub, like Jira, Pendo, and Segment — all available from HubSpot’s App Marketplace.

“With Service Hub, our reps hit the ground running thanks to a complete view of the customer journey. Since bringing our marketing, sales, and service teams together on HubSpot, it's completely removed the guesswork for our leaders, giving them visibility and confidence that customers are getting what they need, quickly.”

Jennifer Cummings

Sr. Director, Customer Engagement | Kaplan


hours a week saved for customer service representatives using AI


faster ticket resolution time for Service Hub customers

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CONTENT HUB Keep your content engine running on all cylinders — and channels

Eye-catching. Compelling. Clear. Content must be a lot of things, but “easy” never seems to be one of them. We're here to lighten the load and light the way into the future of content marketing, with Content Hub. It’s a one-stop-shop for creating the newest formats, streamlining content for all channels, and managing everything you need to share your story with the world.

Give your content new life with AI

Save hours and budget on long-form content with our AI Blog and Image Generators. And, in just a few clicks, turn single pieces of content into different formats with Content Remix.

Create content that’s always on-brand

Brand Voice automatically learns your brand’s style and tone, and applies it to all your future content.

Boost content performance

Deliver and manage engaging, personalized content in the right places at the right times using integrations with On24, Typeform, Demandbase, and more of your favorite apps.

Manage all your content in one place

Create dynamic, cross-platform content with Content Embed, manage stakeholder approvals with Content Approvals, and streamline delivery with Content Library and Member Blogs.


increase in inbound leads at six months


increase in web traffic after 12 months

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COMMERCE HUB Put your money where your front office is

If you’re like most businesses, you’re probably managing multiple tools and systems for commerce. But then again, why would you want to be just like most businesses? We created Commerce Hub to bring your commerce data and CRM together. And here’s your big lightbulb moment. Now, you and your customers can do business whenever, however you want — cha-ching.

Accept Payments Worldwide with Stripe-Apr-23-2024-05-31-22-6779-PM

Accept payments worldwide

Select from 20+ currencies and offer your customers flexible payment options — through our partnership with Stripe.

Invoice, Subscription, Payment, Scheduling Tools-Apr-23-2024-05-31-22-0058-PM

Create a seamless checkout experience

Quickly collect payments and manage subscriptions with Commerce Hub's revamped invoicing, subscription, and payment scheduling tools.

Two Way Sync with Quickbooks-Apr-23-2024-05-31-22-5344-PM

Integrate with accounting

Make accounting a breeze with Commerce Hub’s two-way invoices and payment sync for Quickbooks Online. More partners coming soon!


higher deal close rate for HubSpot customers using payments


increase in deals closed 12 months after enrolling in HubSpot payments

See what else Commerce Hub can do.

HUBSPOT AI Put your best front office forward

Everyone’s talking about AI, but we're here to help you get real value. HubSpot AI is embedded across the entire customer platform (in every single Hub and the Smart CRM) to help marketing, sales, and service teams win more, without working more.

Turn text to video in seconds

Make top-performing short-form videos with just a simple text prompt in Clip Creator.

Instantly generate replies for your reps

Save time and brainpower with AI-powered automatic reply recommendations in Service Hub.

AI - Blog Post Narration-Apr-23-2024-05-34-40-1114-PM

Turn up the volume on your blog content

Extend your reach and turn written content into audio with Blog Post Narration.

Automatically create reports

Type a simple question and let Generative AI take care of the rest of the report-creation process.


of HubSpot AI users say it helps them spend less time on manual tasks

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Thought those were all of the updates?

Then you've got another thing coming. 100+ other things to be exact.

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Help Desk Workspace

Service Hub

Scale support with a new helpdesk workspace that connects your tickets and conversations all in one place.

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Customer Success Workspace

Service Hub

Drive proactive customer value and empower CSMs and Account Managers to manage their entire book of business in one place, with the new customer success workplace.

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Customer Health Score

Service Hub

Identify customer churn risk with health scores, prioritize outreach, and address customer needs proactively.

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Advanced SLAs

Service Hub

Improve service delivery with advanced SLA's, optimized rep effectiveness, work rates, and increased team efficiency.

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International Calling

Service Hub

Calling users with global business locations need to acquire a number in their locality. Phone number acquisition is now available for Germany, Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Mexico, and Colombia!

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