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The Story Behind Our Story

In 2004, we met as graduate students at MIT.

While Brian was helping venture-backed startups with their go-to-market strategy, we started to notice something curious: Customers had gotten really good at blocking out interruptive marketing and sales tactics. The tried and true tactics of old (direct mail, email blasts, cold calls) simply weren’t effective anymore.

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Meanwhile, Dharmesh’s blog OnStartups was seeing massive growth in traffic. We’ll admit, we were surprised. How had this tiny blog with no budget generated more traffic than companies with professional marketing teams and way bigger budgets? It felt like a modern-day David versus Goliath.

So after many meetings, even more coffee, and the occasional Belgian beer (a shared favorite of ours) we came to the simple observation:

People don’t want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople. They want to be helped.

It was time to make the marketing and sales process human. Time to treat buyers like people, not numbers on a spreadsheet. Time to build an inbound community and help people achieve their business goals in a more personable, empathetic way.

We called it, HubSpot.
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Your success with inbound marketing and sales is much more dependent on the width of your brain than the width of your wallet.


Success is making those that believed in you look brilliant. At HubSpot, we work passionately to make our customers look brilliant.


Products With a Personal Touch

Companies are made up of people. And when those people have the right tools, they can turn their business dreams into reality.

Close more deals with less work. And did we mention it’s free, forever?

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What does all-in-one marketing mean? Less hassle, more power, better support.

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Giving you the tools to supercharge every stage of the inbound sales process.

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A Global Movement

Uniting communities across borders and forging lifelong partnerships.


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