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Customer Success Management (Beta)

Drive proactive customer value and empower reps to manage their entire book of business in one place.

  • Increase retention with customer health scores

  • Sync product usage and drive adoption

  • Prioritize outreach to help reduce churn

  1. Empower your team and drive retention with a complete view of the customer.

    There’s never been a more important role in the business than helping customers succeed. But getting the right context to create your customer success strategy can be challenging — especially when your data lives in multiple places.

    HubSpot’s customer success workspace creates a proactive, and connected way for our teams to manage their book of business. And because it’s connected to HubSpot’s Smart CRM, you’ll have all the insights you need to more effectively drive customer retention, right out of the box.  


  1. Easily manage your entire book of business.

    Helping your customers succeed requires context, and without a connected solution, your customer success managers may be scrambling to find the best ways to deliver proactive support. Easily view your entire book of business to more simply and effectively manage renewals, monitor customer health, and act on your customers’ product usage data to drive adoption and increase retention.
  2. Surface deeper insights to reduce customer churn.

    With a single source of truth, generating valuable insights about your customers becomes effortless. Uncover crucial product usage data to stay ahead of potential issues before they happen, or take a quick glance at health trends before your next quarterly business review. With the customer success workspace, it’s easier than ever to proactively address your customers’ needs, all in one place.
  3. Prioritize your daily customer outreach.

    Don’t make your reps face an endless queue of tasks and activities. Instead, keep your reps motivated from start to finish with the details they need to prioritize customer value. In a single view, they’ll get the context they need to determine their daily to-do’s and jumpstart their workday without delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The customer success workspace is a personalized workspace in HubSpot that allows customer success managers and reps to manage their book of business and upcoming success activities in one place. It helps them stay organized, prioritize tasks, and optimize their schedule.

    It also makes it easy for managers and team leads to understand the health of each rep’s book of business, schedule ongoing updates for their customers, and visually see customer health trends that are vital for increasing retention.

  • Popular features of HubSpot’s customer success workspace include:

    • A personalized workspace that helps successful reps manage their book of business efficiently.
    • Its ease of use, which means success teams can quickly adopt and utilize it effectively.
    • Connection to the rest of HubSpot’s Smart CRM, making it easy to scale and leverage the rest of your front office insights. 
  • Setting up customer success software is quick and easy. You only need to grant access to your team and assign accounts to their respective customer success reps. From there, you’ll also be able to set up your integrations for product usage data, giving your team a 360-degree view into customer health and usage. 

  • Yes, HubSpot has a vast ecosystem of over 1,500 ready-to-use integrations in its app marketplace that don’t require any middleware, including many essential sales tools.

    By connecting your customer experience tech stack to HubSpot, you’ll get the benefit of having all of your data in one place, which makes it even easier to create relevant, contextual experiences for your customers — without the cost or complexity.