Solutions Partner Program Promotional Guidelines

Whether you’re looking to host an inbound-themed event, promote your partnership with HubSpot, or use HubSpot brand elements, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these guidelines to comply with HubSpot copyrights, trademarks, and branding.

Event Guidelines

Event naming, speakers, and sponsorships.

Event Name Use

We love when our partners host events to help spread the good inbound word and, naturally, we want to help support your event promotion. In order to prevent confusion amongst prospective attendees about the event’s host, here’s what you need to know before you give your event a name:

Your event cannot use “inbound” by itself or combined with another word in any capacity. Example: “Inbound Jacksonville”, “Inbound Experience” or “Inbound Summit."

Your event cannot include the word “inbound” as part of another word. Example: “Wisconsinbound." 

You CAN however, use "inbound marketing" to describe your event. So, something like "Inbound Marketing Summit Ohio" would work.

HubSpot has invested a great deal in the promotion and production of the annual INBOUND event (our partners are one of the reasons for its great success) so the preservation of the INBOUND/Inbound name use is very important for the event’s awareness and brand equity. We also strive to solve for attendees of your events and want to avoid any confusion with their perceived relation to our INBOUND conference.

Keep in mind that you’re free to use phrases like “digital marketing”, “content marketing” and just plain old “marketing” in your event name. One of those coupled with your geographic area and “summit”, “workshop” or “conference” and you’ve got the title for one can’t miss event!


HubSpot Speakers

Although we love to join our partners’ events, we cannot guarantee a HubSpotter can speak at your event. Here at HubSpot, we have to weigh a few factors in determining the investment (and feasibility) in HubSpot’s official participation in your event. For example, out-of-state engagements require more travel and investment, so we look normally limit travel to events  where HubSpotters would be speaking to audiences of 250+ attendees.

We also consider the content of your event, the audience makeup, and the lead time necessary to put together a presentation. Reach out to your HubSpot Channel Account Manager or Channel Consultant to confirm if your event is a good fit.

If you’d like to request a HubSpot speaker for your event, please fill out this form.  


Sponsorship Support

At this time, we don’t grant sponsorship support for partner events. Note that HubSpot does not allow the use of its logo in conjunction with partner events or program sponsorship. Typically, our support is enacted through speaking or creating engagement with event attendees, in lieu of logo usage/branding.

Press Guidelines

Press releases, blogs, and social media.

Looking to write a press release that announces your new partner certification or tier status? Fantastic. Please follow the instructions below. 

If you would like to announce something else or have an opportunity to conduct media relations outreach for story placement - please send an email to to discuss.


Writing a tier or partner certification press release using the HubSpot template

Step 1: Write your press release

  • The press template may be used only for two types of announcements:
    • Tier status updates
    • Partner certification announcements
  • When using the word "partner" in your release, please specify you are a "HubSpot solutions partner".
  • In the press release template, we've included a placeholder quote from your Channel Account Manager. Please work directly with them to customize yours, as each should be unique to your own company.
  • Quotes from HubSpot managers are only provided for gold-tiered partners and above, while quotes from HubSpot executives are only provided for platinum tiered partners and above.

Step 2: Approval Process

Once you’ve personalized your press release, working together with your Channel Account Manager for his/her quote, it’s now time to submit for approval. 

  1. Do a quick review of the above guidelines
  2. Submit your ready-for-publication release to your Channel Account Manager via email, with on copy. Please have "Press Release Review Request" and your agency name in the subject line.
  3. We will then work with you in a timely fashion to review, edit, and finalize for distribution. Please allow 7-10 business days for full review.



Your agency or personal blog is a great way to get the word out about our collaboration. If you’d like to utilize your blog to announce the news, please be sure to follow the same guidelines noted for press releases and seek approval of final copy.


Social Media

Feel free to use any of these pre-approved social media posts. Remember, you can use the badge images for visual panache and feel free to link to your official HubSpot Solutions Directory profile to show off your tier status.


Facebook / LinkedIn / Other

Certified Solutions Partner Post

We’re extremely excited to announce that [YOUR COMPANY NAME] is now a HubSpot solutions partner. Looking forward to helping change the way the world does marketing, one business at a time!

Tiered Partner Post

We just hit [INSERT TIER STATUS] here at [YOUR COMPANY NAME], and we couldn’t be more proud. Check out our new listing on the HubSpot Solutions Directory:



Solutions Partner Tweets

  • We've teamed up with @HubSpot as a Certified Solutions Partner. Can't wait to transform business together with #Inbound!
  • Our team (@Agency Name) is excited to announce we've joined @HubSpot as a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner!

Tiered Partner Tweets

  • Really excited to announce that (@company name) has become a [INSERT TIER LEVEL] @HubSpot Partner. Check out our listing at
  • Have you heard the news? (@compnay name) is now a [INSERT TIER LEVEL] @HubSpot Solutions Partner! Check out our listing at

Brand Guidelines

Logo use, ad campaigns, and naming.

HubSpot Logo Use

For usage of the HubSpot sprocket, please refer to Trademark Usage Guidelines. 

We’ve assembled quite a few logos you can use to show off your partner status or tier achievement. Tier logos are reserved only for partners who have reached a specified tier. Please don't modify or adjust these logos, or use the HubSpot logo (or parts of it, like the sprocket) as a part of your company logo or branding. 

HubSpot Solutions Partner Program [Web file] 

Untiered partner badges [PNG and vector files] 

Tiered partner badges [PNG and vector files]


PPC and Other Advertising Campaigns

If you’d like to run a Google Ads PPC campaign that mentions your company and HubSpot in relation to our partnership, you’ll need to request approval from HubSpot and Google for the trademark use. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Fill out this form. You'll be asked to include your 10-Digit Google Ads Customer ID (note: This is not your HubSpot Account number), postal address associated with the account, full legal name of the company on the account, website of the account, and the full ad copy you plan to run. In your ad, please specify that you are a "HubSpot partner" or "HubSpot agency" and not a "HubSpot agency partner." Also, please make sure HubSpot is spelled with a capital “S” and that you include all variations of the ads you plan to run with the “HubSpot” trademark.
  2. We’ll review the copy, make any appropriate edits, and have you sign a release (that includes the approved copy) via DocuSign.
  3. Once we receive the signed document from you, we’ll countersign the release, send it back to you, and HubSpot will initiate the approval process with Google, which can take up to 3 business days.
  4. We’ll notify you when Google has approved the request. You’ll then submit your ads to Google.

Please note that we won’t approve any ads that point to your HubSpot Solutions Directory profile, because HubSpot’s domain would appear as the displayed URL, which could mislead users.


The HubSpot Name

What’s in a name? We like to make things as easy as possible for our customers (and your customers) to know where they can go to get the best products, services and support to empower their business growth. Naming conventions is one way we like to simplify things -- all the while keeping the integrity of the HubSpot brand -- so here’s some guidance on how to go about naming your programs, services, communities and content in relation to HubSpot:

A question you may be asking is, how can I use the name HubSpot to showcase our partnership?

Here’s some guardrails:


  • Indicate that you’re a “Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner.”
  • Capitalize the “S” in “HubSpot”. You’d be surprised at how many times that doesn’t happen. Sigh.
  • Be sure to create something that is distinct from HubSpot’s brand and products if you’re naming a program or service for your company.


  • Title your program, service or product with the word HubSpot or “Hub” in the title, or modify, imitate or abbreviate any HubSpot brands or names anywhere in the naming convention. For example, “HubConnectors Program” or “HubBrand Lift” would be no-gos.
  • Use your agency name + “for HubSpot”. For example, “Webstar Marketing Program for HubSpot” and “Amazing CRM Services for HubSpot” wouldn’t be ok.
  • Note: There are a few instances of existing preapproved uses of the "Hub" derivative of HubSpot within our global partner program. If you think your use case falls into this category, please contact us at to confirm that's accurate. HubSpot may require partners using the "Hub" derivative terms to include a disclaimer or "by [partner name]" tagline to avoid confusion, or change the appearance, color, or design of their logos or website. These changes are at the partner's cost.
  • Partners may not use HubSpot's protected trade dress, meaning the appearance, layout, color scheme, and/or design of the HubSpot site, as described in the Trademark Usage Guidelines here
  • Partners may not register or use domain names that include "HubSpot" or any other HubSpot mark, as described in the Trademark Usage Guidelines here. 

A note on discussions and forums:

  • We love when our partners create and foster online discussions, forums and general interest groups about HubSpot. However, we require you follow either of the following naming guidelines.
  • Preface HubSpot with “unofficial” (example: The Unofficial HubSpot Marketing Automation Discussion Group)
  • Specify that it’s a group or discussion for “HubSpot Users” or “HubSpot Solutions Partners” (example: HubSpot User Marketing Automation Discussion Group)
  • In addition to conferences or events (see Events, above), the HubSpot name should not be used in naming podcasts, newsletters, blogs, ebooks, reports, or other regular content vehicles produced by the partner. This also includes the use of the name HubSpot in domain names such as
  • If you have any questions or would like to submit your naming idea for our consideration, please contact and a member of the team will respond to your inquiry in a timely fashion.


The Term "Inbound"

With the help of our partners, we've spread the gospel of "inbound marketing" far and wide. While we hold a trademark on the term "INBOUND" for events to make sure our annual conference is easy to distinguish, we see the term "inbound marketing" as a generic term used to cover an approach to marketing that focuses on creating great content to pull people toward a company and product, a natural opposite to "outbound marketing" tactics.

To make sure that these generic terms stay available to the whole community (even those who don't use HubSpot), we don't allow our partners to monopolize terms like "inbound" and "inbound marketing". This means that partners may not trademark those terms or enforce them against others.

If you have any questions about naming conventions involving the HubSpot brand name, please reach out to to discuss.

The Fine Print

While it’s never made us feel great, we have required solutions partners not in alignment with these branding guidelines to change corporate and/or product name(s), domain names, social media assets, signage, printed promotional materials, website copy or logos, product descriptions, demos, booth design, messaging, and other materials. Costs for rebranding or the production of new material to comply with our branding guidelines is the sole responsibility of the partner.

Trademark Usage Guidelines can be found here and Content Usage Guidelines can be found here. Use these for basic guidelines around HubSpot’s name usage and copyrights.