Here's what it's all about:

collaborate-1To help us better keep track of the content our partners are producing, the HubSpot Channel Marketing team has developed a process using a free application called Trello.

This page will walk you through the process and guidelines for managing a content pipeline with the HubSpot Channel Marketing Team. To start working with your own Trello board, reach out to to get started.

Here's how to program works:

What follows is a basic overview of the program and platform. We also have outlined a simple walkthrough on how you can use Trello to keep the HubSpot Channel Marketing team informed about your content pipeline for promotion purposes. If you prefer to download this as a PDF, please click here to do so.

What is Trello?

A simple collaboration platform used for project management. It provides a simple interface to brainstorm project ideas and move them from conception to completion.

Why Use Trello with HubSpot’s Marketing Team?

HubSpot loves your content. We want to have visibility into what you’re producing so we can help promote it. Using Trello will give us insight into what content’s coming so we can help get it seen at the right time. So, how do we promote your content?

  1. HubSpot Team's Social Reach: We'll promote 2-3 of your blog posts per week across the cumulative reach of 100+ HubSpotters.
  2. HubSpot's Main Social Accounts (Facebook and Twitter): This is where we'll publish premium content offers and other original pieces of content that will help you generate leads.
  3. And more! We've got lots of ideas on how we'll help promote your content--as of now, we're only scratching the surface.

Who Should Use Trello?

  • Good fit agencies are those that are publishing 5 or more blogs per week and at least one premium content offer per month.
  • In regards to who at the agency should be involved with the Trello board, we recommend anyone who is in charge of content development and deployment. This individual (or individuals) can follow the simple instructions below to help keep the HubSpot Channel Marketing team up to date with all upcoming content.

How Do I Use Trello?

The way you utilize Trello can be as simple or as complex as you wish. We've outlined a process below that you can follow. Alternatively, you can download the same walkthough in a PDF we've created.