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Set-up & Manage Your Custom SSL Certificate Directly In-App

HubSpot has always offered custom SSL to our customers who wanted more customization around how they secured their landing pages -- but it hasn't always been the easiest experience. Previously, if you wanted to purchase HubSpot's Custom SSL Add-On you would need to work with our Sales team to make the purchase and then spend some time going back and forth with our support team to generate your .csr and later upload your certificate to our platform. This took time and prevented you from getting your HubSpot content up and running quickly.


Create Multi-Language Blog Tags

In July, we brought the multi-language functionality of our website and landing pages tool to the blog, so you could better manage your content across all the languages that you're active in. To provide your customers with a complete in-language experience, we rolled out multi-language blog author profiles, and today, we're rolling out multi-language blog tags.


Create Blog Author Profiles in Multiple Languages

Last month, we made it so you could create multi-language blogs to better connect with your global audience. But if someone clicked your author's blog profile, it would still only be available in one language.

Starting today, you'll be able to create blog author profiles across the different languages that you write your blog in, ensuring a consistent experience for your site visitors.


Add Custom HTML To The Head Section of Individual Blog Posts

For years now, you've been able to insert custom HTML into the head section of individual website pages and landing pages within HubSpot. You've added everything from tracking scripts to custom meta tags and structured data markup to improve your SEO.


Access to Themes and Serverless Functions Within the Design Manager

We've made three updates to the design manager that provide further feature parity between the development experience in HubSpot vs in your local environment. CMS Hub customers can now:


You Can Now Shop for Themes in The Asset Marketplace