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[New Video] Your 11-minute Recap of Inbound's Best Product Updates

It’s the most exciting time of the year at HubSpot. In September, we wrapped up our biggest INBOUND event yet --- more than twenty-one thousand people joined us in sunny Boston for a week of inspiration, education, and transformation. Michelle Obama, Brene Brown, John Cena, and dozens more graced the INBOUND stage.

As in years past, INBOUND marks peak product launch season at HubSpot. With that in mind, there’s a slew of new functionality in your HubSpot portal. In the video below, we'll run you through all of it, in less time than it takes to get a cup of coffee.


[HubSpot Connect] Needls Integration

What’s this integration partner do?

Social media advertising is hard. Needls make it easy by doing it for you.

How does Needls integrate with HubSpot?

Leverage your HubSpot data to create highly targeted ad campaigns using Needls. Two specific examples:

  • Import your HubSpot contacts automatically to create lookalike and custom audiences for your Facebook and Instagram ads. Needls will test these audiences against other relevant audiences that their data-backed system identifies. This speeds up the optimization process and will help your campaign get the best results possible.
  • Import your HubSpot keywords. Needls will automatically generate hundreds of relevant synonyms to find people who express a need or want for your product or service on social media. By identifying these buying signals, they show your ads to these people for optimal targeting.




Three More updates for a Cleaner Timeline: Tabs, Select-All, and New Categories

Timelines in HubSpot are where you track every interaction an individual (or company/deal) has with your business. That’s right: every interaction. Page views, sales emails, list memberships, and over a dozen other things. That amount of info is incredibly powerful.

But, in truth, it can make the timeline incredibly overwhelming as well. For contacts with a ton of interactions, sorting through the timeline to find individual engagements is like trying to track down one specific kid at DisneyWorld. There’s plenty of awesome stuff, but it’s nearly impossible to find the thing you’re actually looking for.

With that in mind, in the last few months, we’ve made several changes aimed at making it easier to find what you’re looking for in HubSpot records. First, it was a rollup of all the pageviews in a specific session. Then, it was a new section for upcoming engagements, cordoned off from the rest of the timeline.

Today, we’ve got three more for you.


Import Google Docs Drafts Into HubSpot In One-Click

As Google Docs has become the top Software as a Service app used by SMBs, we've seen the meteoric rise of people writing -- then copying and pasting their content into HubSpot. However when doing so you have to wrangle formatting issues, text, and separately add images. Often times that required looking at the source code fo the post just to get the formatting the way you want it.


[In beta] A New Way to Measure Your Marketing Campaigns

Moving into beta testing today (Sep 26) is a brand new way to analyze and compare your marketing campaigns in HubSpot that tracks their impact across the full lead lifecycle, from first touch to closed won and beyond. In this article, we'll walk you through the backstory, the tool, and the next steps.

(p.s. If you'd prefer a video to a blog post, here's the quick rundown)


[In Beta] Shopify for HubSpot and Ecomm Bridge

At INBOUND today we introduced a new, native integration with ecommerce leader Shopify. Currently in a limited beta, this new HubSpot built integration allows shared customers to seamlessly integrate Shopify and its data (customers, orders, and products) into HubSpot. This update eliminates any need to manipulate HubSpot to work for ecommerce and enables new automation, reporting, customer upsell, and other sales and marketing tactics ecomm customers want.


[Announcement] Instagram Reminders

What is it?
Today at INBOUND we announced our plans for Instagram Reminders. When live this new features will bring an easy way to create and schedule photos and video to publish on Instagram to HubSpot, it will go into beta over the coming months. It’ll join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ as publishing option inside of HubSpot Social tools. It’s part one of a product integration with Instagram. We’ll add reporting at some point in the future.

Request an early invite for this beta. 


[In Beta] Audience Sync for Facebook Ads

What is it?
Today at INBOUND we announced the beta for Facebook Ads Audience Sync. This is a new feature of the Ads Add-On that lets you sync any HubSpot list with targeting audiences in Facebook. Doing this lets you retarget people in Facebook based on actions tracked in HubSpot and use dynamic targeted based on HubSpot lists.


Streamline Your Content Creation Process with HubSpot Collect

We live in an age where content is more important than ever, but the process of creating content is more disconnected than ever. You now likely use multiple tabs, or various silos to store research for blog posts that you have to consistently reference and a lot of copying and pasting.


Get More Traffic with Less Content using HubSpot Content Strategy

The way we search has changed. Just a few years ago, it would have been common to search for a an email template to send by looking for "follow-up email". But today, we search the way we talk.


A Small Upcoming Change to Dashboard Emails

One of the best ways to keep your team u p to speed on the progress of your inbound  performance is by se tting up recurring emails of your HubSpot dashboards to all the key stakeholders in your company . In the last few weeks, the process for setting up and sending those emails in HubSpot has gotten more secure and streamlined. 

What's the change?

Recently, the Schedule a recurring email” feature was updated to allow dashboards to be sent only to users of your HubSpot portal. Starting on September 20 , 2017, any previously configured recurring dashboard emails scheduled to be sent to non-users of your portal will no longer be sent. 

A Slew of New Features for Filtering in HubSpot

Views in HubSpot CRM are your best way to get a quick glance at a set of contacts, companies, or deals. They help you organize and prioritize your process.

Today, views are getting an overhaul, with a goal of making them easier to manage and navigate, cleaner to create, and more flexible to share. Here’s the quick rundown:

  1. Views in HubSpot CRM are now called saved filters.
  2. Saved filters are now accessed via a full-screen management area, rather than a small sidebar dropdown.
  3. You can now favorite up to five saved filters, which will remain pinned to the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Creating a saved filter is now much more spacious. In addition, the five properties you use the most are now surfaced front-and-center when creating a saved filter.
  5. Saved filters can now be shared with a single team. Previously, they could only be private or shared with all.
  6. And finally, for the first time, saved filters are available in HubSpot Marketing, in addition to HubSpot CRM.

One Video. Less than Ten Minutes. All your HubSpot Product Updates.

Each month, we put together a short video highlighting the month's most exciting updates in your HubSpot portal. Here's the video from August.


Social Metrics to be Removed from Competitors Report on August 23rd

Update: The four social metrics have now been removed from the Competitors report, effective 8/23/2017.

When it comes to reporting features in HubSpot, we’re on a constant mission to help our customers make better business decisions using data. Sometimes, that means creating new tools — in the past few months, you’ve seen a brand new web analytics dashboard, dozens of new pre-baked reports, improved filtering, and more. Other times, it means making the difficult choice to remove features that provide less value to our customers than we’d hoped.

With that in mind, on August 23rd, these four metrics will be removed from the Competitors report:

  • Facebook fans
  • Has FB page
  • Twitter followers
  • Has Twitter

[Now Live] Timeline API Extensions

What is it:
This enhancement to the the Timeline API allows integrators to extend their software into HubSpot via a modal window. When included, the integration will create a new event in HubSpot Marketing or CRM with a link, that when clicked will open a modal window (IFrame) into the partner’s software.

Get started with the New Timeline Documentation


Generate More Engagement by Sharing Content Using Twitter Card View

You want blog content to get found, and for potential buyers to talk about your product or solution. Where's one of the most popular places that everyone turns for that conversation? 


Two Updates for a Cleaner Contact Timeline

The contact timeline in HubSpot CRM is where you track every interaction an individual has with your business. That’s right: every interaction. Page views, sales emails, list memberships, and over a dozen other things. That amount of info is incredibly powerful.


[New Video] June's Best HubSpot Product Updates

Just in the nick of time, here are this month's biggest HubSpot product updates in a neat and tidy six-minute video. 


More Flexible Filtering for your HubSpot Dashboards

Your reporting needs aren't one-size-fits-all, and your dashboards shouldn't be either.

With that in mind, today, your HubSpot dashboards just got a whole lot more flexible with two specific updates:

  1. You no longer need to set dashboard-level filters. With this update, you can now include individual reports with different date ranges, owner or pipeline filters, all in the same dashboard.

  2. If you use the reporting add-on, you can now filter your custom dashboards by owner and pipeline. Previously, those filters were only available on the default marketing and sales dashboards.


Easily Manage Your DNS With GoDaddy Connect

If you are starting a new domain, or connecting a new domain to HubSpot, you probably know that Domain Name Servers (DNS) can be a hassle to manage. Instead of focusing your time on generating leads -- you spend a lot of time on technical processes that can have a direct impact on your website loading.


Your Companies Database Now Lives in Your Marketing Navigation

Marketing starts with individual: no matter the nature of your company, you’re trying to convert real people into loyal customers and evangelists of your brand. That’s why your HubSpot Marketing tool is centered around an robust, integrated contact platform.

But if you’re B2B, your organization lives and breathes in the world of the companies those individuals work for. The data you collect about the companies you interact with — size, industry, location, and more — is just as important to your marketing efforts as any trait of the individual contacts.

With that in mind, did you know that your HubSpot Marketing portal comes fully equipped with a company database?

With today’s change, that companies database now lives under “Contacts” in the HubSpot Marketing navigation.


A New Analytics Engine to Power Your HubSpot data

You need fast, reliable, and trustworthy marketing data, so you can show the value of your marketing efforts and make better business decisions. With that in mind, over the last few months, we've completely rebuilt the back-end HubSpot analytics engine with the goal of providing you with even more robust and precise metrics.


Visually Refreshed Content Editors

Over the past year the HubSpot product team has been working to bring a new visual design to every part of the marketing and sales product family. Today, we're happy to share the visual refresh that has made it's way to the blog, email, landing pages, and website content editors.


Automatically Optimize Videos Hosted on HubSpot

When it comes to your inbound marketing, connecting with people, and not just talking to them is crucial. Lately, this connection has stemmed from the meteoric rise of video across social and the broader web. But creating compelling and engaging videos that resonate with your audience require a unique set of tools, skills -- and often end up with anunwieldy file that is really large and ultimately slows down your website.


Lead Flows are now included in all Basic, Pro, and Enterprise accounts

A Lead Flow is a HubSpot conversion tool that helps you turn visitors into leads through simple pop-ups on your website. If you have a Basic, Professional, or Enterprise HubSpot subscription, the Lead Flows tool is now located under the Content menu in your account by default. If you already added Lead Flows through the Add-Ons screen then there won't be any changes to any Lead Flows you've already created or the tool itself. 


Three Big Updates to Properties in HubSpot CRM (including required properties)

If you’re a sales manager, you know how critical speed is to your team’s success. When your reps are creating CRM records, the quicker, the better. The more time they spend entering data, the less time they spend selling. But there’s a caveat: while speed is crucial, if your reps enter the wrong data --- or not enough data --- you end up with a spotty database and an inconsistent process.


Five New Out-of-the-box Reports for your Dashboards

When it comes to measuring your marketing and sales success, it’s not just about running reports; it’s about running the right reports, to tell the right story to the right audience. But, even for the most experienced marketers, data can be overwhelming. Whether running pivot tables in Excel, SQL queries in your BI tool, or even marketing and sales reports in HubSpot, it can be hard to know where to start.

With today’s update, you have five new contacts reports, built around best practices and common use cases, that summarize your lead generation success over time.


HubSpot Launches CRM Extensions API: With Partner PandaDoc

We're excited to introduce a new API, specific to our CRM, called CRM Extensions. This API lets developers build integrations that bring their data and functionality inside the HubSpot CRM. The API is now live, and two HubSpot Connect integration partners, PandaDoc and Seventh Sense, have already built CRM integrations on the new API.

CRM Extensions - Technical Documentation


[New Video] Your Need-to-Know Product Updates from April

The best ten minutes of your month are back again: a brand new (April Fool's) edition of the HubSpot product spotlight video is below. Use the chapters on the right-hand-side of the video to find the new features most relevant to your routine, and leave us your feedback using the feedback link.


Introducing Your Brand New Web Analytics Dashboard

Your company’s website is the central hub for your prospects’ and customers’ interactions with your online brand. The more information you have about those interactions, the more effectively you’ll be able to design your site around your buyers’ behaviors, and the more business you’ll be able to close from your website at the end of the day.

Your new web analytics dashboard brings a slew of new metrics on your website’s effectiveness --- time on site, new vs. returning visitors, bounce rate, device type (mobile vs. desktop), sessions by country, and more --- into the friendly confines of your HubSpot portal. No extra tools or tracking codes necessary.


Speed-Up Your Blog with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Speed matters. When it comes to your blog posts, visitors on mobile expect content to load instantly and don't want to wait just to start reading.



[New Video] Your Monthly HubSpot Product Fix

Let's face it: you're busy. Whether it's executing marketing initiatives or running a sales team, your days are booked. It can be tough to keep up with a HubSpot product that's constantly expanding and improving. With that in mind, you've got a brand new way to stay up to speed on HubSpot's product updates. Watch the Product Spotlight video to get last month's biggest updates in under 7 minutes. What better way to spend your next coffee break?


Visually Refreshed Form Notification Email

If you have a form notification email address set, you will notice a brand new look and feel of emails starting today. To match the latest design of HubSpot tools, we have updated the form submission email to be cleaner and more visually appealing. 


Pinned Notes in HubSpot CRM

When working with a prospect or customer, you need quick access to the most vital and relevant information. As more and more interactions rack up in that person's timeline, this gets a whole lot tougher. Today’s update enables you to pin the most mission-critical note at the top of any record in HubSpot CRM, ensuring the most important information is always front and center for both you and your team.


Shutterstock Integration: 60,000 Free Images Available to HubSpot Customers

Finding the right image to add to your content can be a hassle, and is full of potential usage and legal complexities.

At the same time, we know as marketers that visuals help enhance our content being remembered and shared. Today, we're happy to introduce an integration with Shutterstock the worlds leading stock photography site to provide 60,000 images free for all HubSpot Marketing customers.


Future Date Property Criteria in List Segmentation

Inbound is all about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. A key component of that: understanding which of your contacts have important dates coming up relating to your company’s offerings. Which contacts have trial expirations around the corner? Who’s renewing in the next month? Which travelers leave on their trip in the next week? Which home-buyers have a move-in date in the next few days?


Visual Editing is now the default view for Workflows

What is it?
As of Friday March 24th, the new Visual Workflow Editor is the default view for all users. The old view will officially be retired. It’s had a good run. We hope you've had time to get aquinted with the new view and have tried out some of the improvements. 


[New Video] This Month's Most Exciting Product Updates in Under 6 Minutes

Each month, your HubSpot portal gets access to a slew of new features. While we design each and every new feature with the goal of adding value to the tools you use day, we recognize that it can be tough to keep up with so many updates. With that in mind, we've put together a 5-minute video that walks you through this month's most exciting new HubSpot features. Give it a watch, share it with your team, and let us know your feedback in the comments below!


Four New Social Reports for your HubSpot Dashboards

Social media plays a key role in inbound marketing success. But it's not always the easiest thing to measure. It’s critical not only to analyze your social data to gain insights for your next campaign, but also to see your social metrics in the context of your other KPI’s, to understand how your social results align with your overall marketing goals.


Refreshed Designs for Your Contacts Tools

Your contacts database is your home base for understanding the people interacting with your business. With the goal of making your contacts tools easier to use and more consistent with the rest of your HubSpot platform, we've been working for the last few months on fresh new designs for four screens: All Contacts, the contact record, Lists, and imports.


Updates in Email Unsubscribe Process

Having the ability to unsubscribe from a marketing email, is required by regulations such as CAN-SPAM. However, unsubscribing accidentally via a forwarded email, or antivirus/firewall software can affect your delivery. As a result, we're making an update to the unsubscribe process for emails you send from HubSpot.


[Coming 1/4] An Updated Design for All Contacts screen and Lists

All Contacts and Lists are your home base for understanding the people in your database. With the goal of making these tools easier to use and more consistent with the rest of your HubSpot platform, we've been working for the last few months on fresh new designs for these two screens.


Introducing a Visual Editing Interface for Your Workflows

As your team scales, automation can get complicated. A single flow turns into three or four, one branch becomes several. More people are involved in the process, and need a quick way to understand your campaigns. Your processes might get more complex, but your tools don’t have to.


[Coming 1/4] A Visual Refresh for the Contact Record

The contact record in HubSpot is the central hub for information on the people in your database. It stores interactions, engagements, and property information in a single integrated record.

For over a year, the HubSpot product team has been hard at work designing and testing a new look for the contact record that’s cleaner and more modern, while continuing to provide the same great functionality that you’re used to — and more.

We're excited to announce that, on January 4th, all HubSpot customers will move over to the new design. 


Introducing Lead Flows for HubSpot Marketing

Editor's Note: If you're a HubSpot Marketing customer, you already have all the features available in the HubSpot Marketing Free product right within your HubSpot Marketing account -- including Lead Flows!

Lead Flows allows HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Marketing Free customers to create pop-up forms. But, are pop-up forms truly inbound? It really depends on the intention and execution -- but non-interruptive or annoying pop-ups can be inbound, and the data proves they work.


Create, Manage, and Optimize Multi-Language Content within HubSpot

Marketing to customers in different countries, with different languages, can be a complex challenge. Not only to create and manage pages -- but ensure that search engines are directing visitors to the right versions at the right time.


Introducing HubSpot Composer - A New Distraction-Free, Collaborative Writing Experience

As marketers one of our primary challenges is our ever-growing task list. With so many "to do's" it's become hard to focus on writing content. Creating quality content requires focus, but that doesn't mean you should rush through your to do list or ignore all your other priorities -- instead your tools should adapt to the changing environment today.


Introducing Database-Driven Content within HubSpot using HubDB

Integrating a database into your website is a technical process that typically requires a developer to spend significant time planning, creating, and then integrating with your website. As a result, I.T. often retains control of the database after it's first implemented. But the benefits of a database extend far beyond just developers. Marketers can utilize databases to have one central location to update content across numerous pages with ease. Today we're happy to introduce HubDB, a relational database within HubSpot that allows developers to easily create database-driven content embedded within website and landing pages, and marketers the ability to easily update content within the database.


Introducing HubSpot's New Mobile App for iOS

We've taken the best parts of our existing CRM, Sales, and Marketing apps, and combined them into a single HubSpot mobile experience. The new HubSpot Mobile app gives you a view into the full lifecycle of your contacts, from top funnel marketing efforts to in-progress deals and sales tasks.


Introducing the New HubSpot Marketplace

Today, we're happy to introduce a brand-new version of the HubSpot Marketplace. Easily surface email, landing page, and website templates that are relevant to your business see how they look, and get started using any in a matter of minutes.


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