Follow Up With Your Leads

Follow Up With Your Leads

This learning track will teach you how to follow up efficiently after you’ve captured leads off of your website.

For many marketers, email exists in a silo, disconnected from other lead generation tools and other marketing analytics. In HubSpot, all of these tools are integrated and work hand-in-hand. HubSpot's email tools give you the ability to personalize your email to your contact and grow your contact database. In addition, any time you send an email, HubSpot collects the data on how your email performed.

Now, that you have provided valuable content to your readers and they've converted into leads, it's time to nurture these leads into opportunities for your sales team. That's where lead nurturing comes in: it's a way to stay connected to the leads you collect that aren't ready to buy from you yet, and build up trust until they are ready.

This learning track will help you understand one of the best channels for carrying out your lead nurturing efforts: email!

Successful marketing automation relies on triggering relevant and timely actions, based on a user's context. HubSpot's Workflows combine the power with the context required to effectively scale your marketing efforts. In this user guide, you will not only learn about the features of Workflows, but also about how to set up contextual, focused, and measurable automation.

A workflow is an automated set of marketing actions that execute based on a starting condition. You can use workflows to automate your lead nurturing tasks, complete internal functions, and much more. The tool allows for multiple actions to execute at desired intervals and also includes the ability to use branching logic to perform specific actions based on how a contact has interacted with your content or website.

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Resource: Workflows User Guide