HubSpot User Groups

Join one of our 150+ global HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) to meet regularly with your local community of HubSpot users.

What Are HubSpot User Groups?

HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) are free, in-person quarterly meetups that are open to all HubSpot users. HUGs are typically hosted by a local HubSpot Agency Partner, and are designed to help you master all things strategy and software.

Each meetup tackles a marketing, sales, or services related theme and is presented by a HubSpot specialist or industry expert. HubSpot User Groups help you grow better by leveraging in-person education and networking.

Where Are HubSpot User Groups?

With over 150 HUGs across the globe, we aim to provide free, in-person support to as many of our users as possible.


Why Attend a HUG Event?


Connect With Your Local Community

•  With over 150 HUGs in over 35 countries, you’re bound to find a HUG close to you.

•  Hear how users like you find success using HubSpot.

•  Key into local marketing best-practices

•  Collaborate with other marketers to foster innovative ideas.

network and share

Learn From Experienced And Knowledgeable Leadership

•  From content management to chatbots, topics at HUGs cover numerous tools and technologies designed to help you grow.

• HUGs are hosted by experienced Agency Partners, industry thought leaders, and HubSpot employees, so you'll know that meeting content will be informative and impactful.


Leave With An Actionable Plan To Help You Grow Better

•  Bring key insights back to your business by sharing slide decks and other educational content distributed by HUG leaders post-event.

  Grow your professional network by staying connected with other event attendees even after the meet-up has ended

Who Should Attend a HUG Event?

HUGs are tailored to HubSpot users who are interested in advancing their marketing, sales, and services knowledge.

With that said, you don't have to be a HubSpot user to attend a HUG. Feel free to come and see what the HubSpot user community is all about!

Being part of the HubSpot community has helped me grow not only as a marketer, but as a business professional. I love being able to immediately implement takeaways and advice from my fellow HUG members and implement them into my own marketing practice after each meet up.


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