Turn Visitors into Leads

Turn Visitors into Leads

This learning track will teach you how to convert anonymous visitors into leads and collect valuable lead intelligence with powerful forms that ask the right questions at the right times.

Using HubSpot forms or lead flows is the best way to start converting anonymous visitors into qualified leads.

Just drag and drop the questions you want to ask right into place – no technical expertise necessary.  Create custom fields, or select from a dozen different field types such as open text fields, dropdowns menus, radio select buttons, check boxes, and more. Then add your form to any HubSpot landing page, or embed it onto any external website.

A lead flow is HubSpot's take on a pop-up form. There are three components to a lead flow --- the callout (initial pop-up, with a button), the form (which appears once the button in the callout is clicked), and the thank-you message.

Resource: Forms User Guide

Using HubSpot forms to your advantage

HubSpot forms help you gather new contacts for your company and obtain additional information from your existing contacts.

When editing a HubSpot landing page, you can link a form to it by using the Form drop-down menu to select the form you created. Please note that your landing page must contain a Form module in order to add the form.

HubSpot understands that some of our customers maintain a website not hosted on HubSpot, but still want the ability to capture lead information and store it in HubSpot. We provide two options: Forms API and the form embed code. Using the embed code gives you access to all of the benefits of HubSpot forms like contacts database integration, smart fields, and progressive profiling (Professional and Enterprise accounts), on your external site with the HubSpot tracking code installed. In order to take advantage of all of HubSpot's form functionality, the tracking code should be on each web page you have live before adding form embed code.

Resource: Using HubSpot forms on your external website & How to create a lead flow