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MagneticOne Mobile Integration

What’s this integration partner do?

MagneticOne Mobile creates mobile solutions for CRM users. They create products ranging from business card readers to phone trackers, for dozens of CRMs.

How does MagneticOne Mobile integrate with HubSpot?

With the new integration, easily sync business cards right into HubSpot CRM. Take a photo of a business card using your smartphone, and MagneticOne Mobile will automatically transfer all the relevant contact information into a brand new HubSpot contact. MagneticOne Mobile can recognize and read cards in over twenty-five languages. Even better, you can enrich the contact data you import. Quickly and easily add country phone code and text/voice notes, and save the location you met.


Three More updates for a Cleaner Timeline

Timelines in HubSpot are where you track every interaction an individual (or company/deal) has with your business. That’s right: every interaction. Page views, sales emails, list memberships, and over a dozen other things. That amount of info is incredibly powerful.

But, in truth, it can make the timeline incredibly overwhelming as well. For contacts with a ton of interactions, sorting through the timeline to find individual engagements is like trying to track down one specific kid at DisneyWorld. There’s plenty of awesome stuff, but it’s nearly impossible to find the thing you’re actually looking for.

With that in mind, in the last few months, we’ve made several changes aimed at making it easier to find what you’re looking for in HubSpot records. First, it was a rollup of all the pageviews in a specific session. Then, it was a new section for upcoming engagements, cordoned off from the rest of the timeline.

Today, we’ve got three more for you.


A Small Upcoming Change to Dashboard Emails

One of the best ways to keep your team u p to speed on the progress of your inbound  performance is by se tting up recurring emails of your HubSpot dashboards to all the key stakeholders in your company . In the last few weeks, the process for setting up and sending those emails in HubSpot has gotten more secure and streamlined. 

What's the change?

Recently, the Schedule a recurring email” feature was updated to allow dashboards to be sent only to users of your HubSpot portal. Starting on September 20 , 2017, any previously configured recurring dashboard emails scheduled to be sent to non-users of your portal will no longer be sent. 

A Slew of New Features for Filtering in HubSpot

Views in HubSpot CRM are your best way to get a quick glance at a set of contacts, companies, or deals. They help you organize and prioritize your process.

Today, views are getting an overhaul, with a goal of making them easier to manage and navigate, cleaner to create, and more flexible to share. Here’s the quick rundown:

  1. Views in HubSpot CRM are now called saved filters.
  2. Saved filters are now accessed via a full-screen management area, rather than a small sidebar dropdown.
  3. You can now favorite up to five saved filters, which will remain pinned to the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Creating a saved filter is now much more spacious. In addition, the five properties you use the most are now surfaced front-and-center when creating a saved filter.
  5. Saved filters can now be shared with a single team. Previously, they could only be private or shared with all.
  6. And finally, for the first time, saved filters are available in HubSpot Marketing, in addition to HubSpot CRM.

All your HubSpot Product Updates In Less Than 10-Minutes

Each month, we put together a short video highlighting the month's most exciting updates in your HubSpot portal. Here's the video from August.


Deal Sorting in HubSpot CRM

In sales, you need to see the most important things front and center. The more you have to search and scroll to find what you’re looking for, the less you’ll sell. Plain and simple.

With that in mind, over the past year, you’ve seen several updates aimed at making your CRM’s display more flexible, so that you spend less time searching: the ability to drag, drop, and reorder, and minimize cards on records, a clearer view of web interactions on the timeline, and more.

With today’s update, you can sort your deal board by any property you choose. Sort by amount to put your most valuable deals front and center, by owner to check in on your reps’ deals one-by-one, or whatever’s most important to your team.


Timeline API Extensions Now Available

What is it:
This enhancement to the the Timeline API allows integrators to extend their software into HubSpot via a modal window. When included, the integration will create a new event in HubSpot Marketing or CRM with a link, that when clicked will open a modal window (IFrame) into the partner’s software.

Get started with the New Timeline Documentation


Introducing Calendar-based Availability for Messages

How’d you like to chat with even more of your site visitors? The newest enhancement to messages will help you do just that.


Set Properties for Moving Between Deal Stages

As a sales leader, you need consistent data at every point in your sales process. The more consistent your data, the more predictable your outcomes, and the better you’ll be able to forecast your month, qualify your deals, and coach your reps. But in order to have consistent data, your team needs to have a consistent process.

With that goal in mind, with today’s update, you can ensure that all your reps are collecting the same information as they move deals through the pipeline. And, for those datapoints that are absolutely critical, you can require those properties to be completed before a deal jumps stages.


A Slew of New Reports for your HubSpot Dashboards

Reporting is the compass that keeps your inbound efforts headed in the right direction. The more deeply you can understand what’s worked in the past, the better you can optimize your future strategy for both your business's growth and your buyers' experience.

In the last few months, you got access to four new social media reports and five new contacts reports, to help you measure even more of your inbound results.

Today, we’re taking that a step further. Moving forward, you’ll have access to an entire library of dozens of out-of-the-box reports that can be added to any of your HubSpot dashboards with one click. No extra fees, no extra clicks, and a whole lot fewer Vlookups to run in Excel.


Now Available in Beta - Settings, Permissions & Teams

We’ve rebuilt the tools you use to manage users inside HubSpot from the ground up. You’ll find a number of awesome improvements (explained below), and a clean new design.


[New Video] June's Best HubSpot Product Updates

Just in the nick of time, here are this month's biggest HubSpot product updates in a neat and tidy six-minute video. 


More Flexible Filtering for your HubSpot Dashboards

Your reporting needs aren't one-size-fits-all, and your dashboards shouldn't be either.

With that in mind, today, your HubSpot dashboards just got a whole lot more flexible with two specific updates:

  1. You no longer need to set dashboard-level filters. With this update, you can now include individual reports with different date ranges, owner or pipeline filters, all in the same dashboard.

  2. If you use the reporting add-on, you can now filter your custom dashboards by owner and pipeline. Previously, those filters were only available on the default marketing and sales dashboards.


A New Analytics Engine to Power Your HubSpot data

You need fast, reliable, and trustworthy marketing data, so you can show the value of your marketing efforts and make better business decisions. With that in mind, over the last few months, we've completely rebuilt the back-end HubSpot analytics engine with the goal of providing you with even more robust and precise metrics.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator, meet HubSpot CRM

Bacon and eggs. Great combination. Peanut butter and jelly. Great combination. Rainy day and a movie. That too. Today, a new duo joins the fray: LinkedIn Sales Navigator and HubSpot CRM.


Call Queue to be removed from HubSpot CRM on July 10th

When we first built the call queue in HubSpot CRM, the goal was simple: create a tool that helped sales reps work more efficiently and in a more focused way. Over time, you've given us great feedback on the tool, and reviews have been mixed on how well it lives up to that goal.

It helps a sales team call leads faster, sure. But it lacks the flexibility to truly make a sales team more productive. Calling quicker is great, but what about emails and other to-dos? What if you want to set up multiple queues for different types of follow-up? What if you’re following up on a specific deal --- how does the call queue help you to track that down?

With that feedback as our north star, we launched a brand new productivity tool in HubSpot CRM called task queues. If you haven’t checked out task queues, here’s the gist: think of a task queue like a playlist for your tasks. Simply create a task queue for a certain category of to-dos - it could be based on time zone, territory, priority, or anything else you choose. Add tasks to the queue. Press play. Run through your tasks. That’s it.

In short, task queues is the future of getting things done in HubSpot CRM.

With that in mind, on July 10th, the call queue feature will be removed from the CRM.


[New Video] The Latest and Greatest in HubSpot Product

It's that time once again --- three exciting updates to the HubSpot product, in under five minutes. Give it a watch, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


HubSpot Introduces Live Chat Built For Sales Teams

Today, we unveiled messages, a new feature of HubSpot Sales Pro that lets you chat with site visitors in real time.


HubSpot Launches CRM Extensions API: With Partner PandaDoc

We're excited to introduce a new API, specific to our CRM, called CRM Extensions. This API lets developers build integrations that bring their data and functionality inside the HubSpot CRM. The API is now live, and two HubSpot Connect integration partners, PandaDoc and Seventh Sense, have already built CRM integrations on the new API.

CRM Extensions - Technical Documentation


[New Video] Your Need-to-Know Product Updates from April

The best ten minutes of your month are back again: a brand new (April Fool's) edition of the HubSpot product spotlight video is below. Use the chapters on the right-hand-side of the video to find the new features most relevant to your routine, and leave us your feedback using the feedback link.


Reinvigorated Tasks in HubSpot CRM

If you use HubSpot CRM, you’ll agree: tasks in the tool have been adequate, not exceptional. They’re like eating iceberg lettuce. Not the end of the world, but not mind-blowingly awesome either.

Today, that changes. Task management in HubSpot has a brand new look, and a slew of new functionality to boot. Staying on top of to-dos is pivotal to your sales team’s success. Every missed follow-up is a lost chance at a connection with your prospects and customers. With HubSpot’s new tasks interface, you’ll never let a task slip through the cracks.


An Easier Way to Update Sales Quotas in HubSpot CRM



[New Video] Your Monthly HubSpot Product Fix

Let's face it: you're busy. Whether it's executing marketing initiatives or running a sales team, your days are booked. It can be tough to keep up with a HubSpot product that's constantly expanding and improving. With that in mind, you've got a brand new way to stay up to speed on HubSpot's product updates. Watch the Product Spotlight video to get last month's biggest updates in under 8 minutes. What better way to spend your next coffee break?


New and Improved Engagement Reporting for HubSpot Sales

As a sales leader, the ability to zoom in on specific parts of your team's engagement process is vital. Which reps are making the most calls? Are they connecting or leaving voicemails? How many emails are your BDRs sending? How many meetings are your new reps booking?


[New Video] This Month's Most Exciting Product Updates in Under 6 Minutes

Each month, your HubSpot portal gets access to a slew of new features. While we design each and every new feature with the goal of adding value to the tools you use day, we recognize that it can be tough to keep up with so many updates. With that in mind, we've put together a 5-minute video that walks you through this month's most exciting new HubSpot features. Give it a watch, share it with your team, and let us know your feedback in the comments below!


[Now Live] A Refreshed Design for HubSpot CRM

[12/20 Update: As of 12/19, refreshed design for HubSpot CRM is now live to all HubSpot CRM portals.]

HubSpot CRM is a designed to make organizing your interactions with leads and customers simple and straightforward. With that mission in mind, today, we're excited to announce that the CRM will undergo a modern facelift in the coming weeks aimed at bringing a new level of clarity, consistency, and joy to your routine. Rest assured --- the functionality you're used to won't be altered. The refresh will focus solely on the look and feel of HubSpot's apps.

In this article, we'll walk through the timeline of the changes and give you a quick tour of the new design.

Note: If you're not an active user of HubSpot CRM and saw this message above a contact record in your Marketing tool, click here for a preview of the contact record's updated look. This change will go into effect in December.


Introducing HubSpot's New Mobile App for iOS

We've taken the best parts of our existing CRM, Sales, and Marketing apps, and combined them into a single HubSpot mobile experience. The new HubSpot Mobile app gives you a view into the full lifecycle of your contacts, from top funnel marketing efforts to in-progress deals and sales tasks.


Merge Companies in HubSpot CRM

As your business grows, it gets more and more difficult to keep your data clean. With information coming from more places --- inbound, imports, integrations, and more --- inevitably, it’s sometimes necessary to clean things up. Today’s update enables you to keep your company database dupe-free.


Make Meetings Work For You: New Options for Branding and Embedding Meetings

Meetings already helps you save time, and the latest update adds even more efficiency to your day by making Meetings do the work for you.

Now, it’s easy to embed Meetings on your site. With embedded Meetings, you can flatten your funnel and make your sales cycle even shorter.Think of the embedded Meetings widget as a new kind of form—but instead of simply capturing a lead, you’re able to get the commitment of a meeting on the books.


Introducing the HubSpot - Integration

For sales reps, meetings and demos are the name of the game. The more efficiently you can set up and execute those pivotal conversations with your prospects, the better.

With that in mind, today, we're excited to announce an easy-to-use integration between HubSpot CRM and that enables sales teams to quickly create and launch calls, video conferences, and screenshares from within contact, company, and deal timelines in HubSpot. Instant meetings via in HubSpot means fewer clicks for you and no downloads for your prospects, so you can do more demos in a day. And more demos equals more deals. Win-win.


Reorder and Minimize Cards on Contact, Company, and Deal Records

Information is important. But not all information is equally important to every member of your team. Your sales reps might spend their energy working deals, while your marketing team might focus more closely on basic contact and company demographics. The better your HubSpot records reflect your priorities, the less scrolling you’ll have to do and the quicker you’ll be able to do your job.


New Developer tools (Timeline & Webhooks APIs) Now Live

We're very excited to introduce two new tools that developers can use to build and improve their integrations with HubSpot. Why build on HubSpot? 


New HubSpot Account & Billing screens

We’ve built a new Account & Billing experience from the ground up to give you easier access to new and useful details on the state of your HubSpot account.


GrowthBot, your soon-to-be BFFL, is now available on Slack!

How was organic traffic last week? What keywords is your competition ranking for? What software does your competition use? What is Hotjar?


"Company Insights" Tab in Prospects to be Removed on 9/1

At HubSpot, we’re always looking to move your inbound marketing and sales processes forward. Sometimes, that means creating new tools — in the past few months, you’ve seen things like Team Meetings, a brand new iOS app for HubSpot CRM, multiple pipelines, a redesigned Sequences editor, and more. Other times, it means making the difficult choice to sunset tools. 


Improved Integration: Your Inbox and HubSpot CRM Are Better Together

We’ve made significant improvements to the way Gmail and Office 365 integrate with HubSpot. This new, two-way integration means that any email you send through the CRM will appear in the sent folder of your inbox. Any replies to that email will also be logged in the CRM:


Meet GrowthBot from HubSpot Labs!

When you’re growing a business, your day is filled with countless to-dos, questions, and data-pulls. These needs arise all the time and not always at the most convenient times. GrowthBot makes you just a little bit faster at doing just about anything.  


Four Updates to Contact, Company, and Deal Records

When you’re digging into your contacts, companies, and deals, you need quick and easy access to all the information you have about them. The faster you can find the information you need, the more efficiently and effectively you can follow up with your leads.


Booking Meetings Just Got Easier...

Team Meetings, the newest addition to HubSpot Sales, makes it even easier for teams to collaborate and connect with contacts. Team Meetings brings two new meeting link types to Meetings: Group Meetings links, and Round Robin Meetings links.


Introducing: Out of Office Reply Detection for Sequences

A reply to an email that is sent as part of a Sequence will automatically unenroll that contact from the Sequence. But an automated, out-of-office reply isn’t really a sign of engagement the way that an actual reply is. Now, Sequences detects out-of-office replies, ignored them, and keeps those contacts enrolled in the Sequence.


A New Way to Drill into your HubSpot Dashboard Data

When it comes to reporting, you need the ability to dig under the surface of your metrics, in order to find tangible takeaways and actionable next steps.

Today, you have the power to drill into your HubSpot data in two new ways.


Save Email Templates Directly from Gmail

Creating content is hard work. When it comes to drafting new email templates, we often forget that our inbox is ripe with inspiration. The latest update to HubSpot Sales helps you tap into that inspiration by giving you the ability to save any email as a reusable, reportable Template directly from your Gmail inbox.


New Insights into HubSpot CRM Exports

Data security is vital to a growing sales team. You need full control and visibility into who's doing what in your CRM. With that in mind, last month, we introduced advanced permissions. Now, we give managers and admins the ability to see who's exported what from HubSpot CRM. 


A New Way to Build HubSpot CRM into Your Google Apps Routine

Today, we're excited to announce that HubSpot CRM is now available in the Google Apps for Work Marketplace and has been chosen as one of Google's “New and Notable” applications for the month of June. You can read the full details of the launch here. In this post, we'll walk you through  what the new Google Apps functionality entails and how to set it up.


New HubSpot Sales Tools Now Available in Outlook

HubSpot Sales tools are designed to make your job easier. That’s why we’re excited to introduce added flexibility and functionality to HubSpot Sales Tools for Outlook.


Automate Lead Rotation and Task and Deal Creation in HubSpot CRM

According to a recent study, sales teams spend less than a third of their time actually selling. The rest is spent on administrative tasks like creating CRM records, logging manual activities, and searching for relevant content to send to leads. 


An Easier, Friendlier Sequences Editor

The Sequences editor has been redesigned to make editing sequences faster and easier. A new sidebar makes it easy to drag & drop new templates & tasks into place, and find templates easily with search.


Advanced User Permissions for HubSpot CRM

As your sales team grows, it becomes more and more necessary to control access to information. Which team members should be able to add properties and update deal stages? Should everyone be allowed to import and export data? 

Now in HubSpot CRM, you can set much more granular permissions, ensuring that team members are only able to access the information that’s relevant to them.


Announcing HubSpot CRM for iOS

Your work doesn’t end when you step away from your desk. You and your team are updating notes while out on the road, searching for phone numbers on your way into the office, and checking in on key deals throughout the day.

Now, HubSpot CRM for iOS lets you take your inbound sales process with you, everywhere you go. Researching contacts, updating deals, and connecting with customers is easy and intuitive, regardless of where you are.


A New Way to Access HubSpot Sales from Gmail

One of the things that HubSpot Sales users tell us they like most is how easy it is to access templates, sequences, and documents right from their inboxes. Now, we've made it even better with the new HubSpot Sales Gmail window.


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