State of Global Unicorn Startups Report

HubSpot for Startups brings you a comprehensive report on the state of unicorns, who they are, and what's driving their GTM strategies and success.

Over the last decade, an impressive 1,400 startups have reached valuations of $1 billion or more and become part of the esteemed "unicorn club." However, the growth of these unicorns has recently experienced a slowdown, attributed to the current "funding winter" that reflects the challenges posed by the global macroeconomic landscape. Despite 2021 seeing the largest new unicorn class ever (an outlier of hopeful investments post-COVID), overall funding and valuations are in a slump.

HubSpot for Startups has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the global unicorn landscape, delving into the current investment trends and growth strategies adopted by the top unicorns. In collaboration with PitchBook, we have examined the latest data and emerging trends in the unicorn space. Now, let's uncover the top five key insights that have emerged from our research.

unicorn-by-industryThe Top 5 Take-aways

  • Software and IT firms are dominating, making up nearly 48% of 1,390+ unicorns on the list.

  • Top unicorns are embracing freemium pricing models, AI, and building large communities

  • The most unicorns are found in the US, China, and India
  • On average, it takes 9 years to reach unicorn status
  • VCs want founder teams, large TAMs (total addressable markets), early investments, scalable tech, and traction


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