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Thank you for attending Connect Partner Day 2018!

This page is meant to be a resource to take advantage of what we covered throughout the day:

  • Event NPS: please provide us with overall feedback on the day so we can improve for the future! 
  • Tier Benefits Page: updated with our new 2018 benefits for Beta, Certified, & Premier partners
  • INBOUND Launch Partner Form: sign-up to be a launch Partner at INBOUND 
  • Post-event Discussion Forum:  For any questions or ideas from Connect Partner Day or Agency Partner Day. Each talk has a corresponding topic in the developer community where users can ask questions, post ideas, and engage in discussion. To access the private forum please fill out your account information here.
  • Apps for Agency Services Program: learn more about the program and how to sign-up! 
  • API Roundup: a curated list with relevant links of all the new HubSpot API releases.
  • HubSpot For Startups: shoot the team an email at connectforstartups@hubspot.com to learn more and start a conversation.
  • Become an official Partner Day @ INBOUND sponsor: In 2017 we had: 1,355 Attendees | 625 Agencies | 22 Sessions
    Partner Day @ INBOUND was created to enable HubSpot Agency and Sales Partners to get more out of their INBOUND experience. The goal of the event is to enhance the partner community through networking and learning opportunities. This one-day event focuses on driving product knowledge and adoption of new HubSpot products, as well as connecting agency partners with their peers and industry experts to help their agencies grow better.  Please reach out to connectmarketing@hubspot.com 
  • Presentation Decks: coming soon!