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Non-Profit Webinar Details:

Duration: 50min

Presenter: Joe Waters, author of the #1 cause marketing blog,

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Joe Waters teaches non-profits how to use cause marketing and social media to establish, grow and deepen relationships with stakeholders. Most recently, Joe was director of cause marketing for a Boston hospital where he led a team of marketing, sales and event professionals for seven years.

Presenter: Kyle James, HubSpot's Non-Profit Inbound Marketing Specialist

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Kyle James has been at HubSpot for four years where he has worked with hundreds of businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.  He is one of the leading members of HubSpots non-profit/education team. 

Technical Requirements:
Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

describe the imageThe days of non-profits using traditional marketing to recruit corporate partners are quickly giving way to inbound strategies that are driven by search engine optimization, blogging, social media and email marketing.

Does your non-profit want to recruit new corporate partners and build deeper relationships with the ones it has?  Would you like to leverage the reach and customer loyalty of local and national branded businesses? 

Joe Waters wrote the book on corporate partnerships, which Joe calls cause marketing, the partnership between a non-profit and for-profit for mutual profit.  In this webinar  Joe presents with one of our in-house non-profit inbound marketing gurus, Kyle James, to show you how: Cause Marketing + Inbound Marketing = More Corporate Partners & More Donations

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How inbound marketing enables you to recruit for-profit sponsors and partners.
  • How to measure and track the effectiveness of these campaigns in online channels.
  • How the corporate giving landscape is changing and how inbound marketing will help non-profits adapt for success.
  • How Joe used inbound marketing at one of Bostons biggest hospitals to recruit corporate partners and raise more money.