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When: Every Thursday @ 11 AM EST (see your timezone)

Duration: 45 minutes per webinar

Technical Requirements:
Internet connection and phone line OR computer speakers.

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Content is king. It drives traffic, leads and customers. It makes the world go 'round, and should be a central piece in any inbound marketing strategy you pitch. It also is an undeniable link to long-term client relationships, and agencies wanting to shift to retainer-based business models need to have the bandwidth and resources to create a high volume of blog articles and ebooks for their clients. But how? Writing the content yourself doesn't make sense. Neither does hiring a staff of copywriter. What does make sense? Using a content marketplace. It makes so much sense its a borderline no-brainer.

Join us this Thursday, when we'll be joined by Steve Lazuka of Zerys Content Marketplace. He'll outline the process dozens of HubSpot Partner Agencies have used to build out dependable stables of writers, as well as point out the pitfalls you need to avoid. This is not to be missed! Sign up below!


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