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Webinar Details:

Duration: 60 minutes, with Q&A

Speaker: Patrick Shea, HubSpot Inbound Marketing Consultant


Mark Kilens 




Who should attend?
Marketers interested in improving their reporting.

Technical Requirements:
Internet connection and phone line OR computer speakers.

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How to Turn your Textbooks into Page-Turners

You know it well: the marketing campaigns that yield positive results are the ones receiving the most investment. Then, why do marketers neglect reporting?

Reporting online marketing results is essential for delivering stronger ROI over time.

Join us in a webinar that will define the right metrics to measure ROI and build systems to report results. Let's get the investment your campaigns deserve!

Live Webinar: Tuesday, October 11 at 1pm ET (local time)

During this webinar, you'll learn how to define, track and report results for: 

  • SEO, including keyword results and inbound links
  • Social media reach
  • Blogging efforts
  • Leads and sales growth