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Duration: 60min

Presenter: Mike Volpe

Mike Volpe

HubSpot's VP of Marketing, Mike Volpe is a marketing keynote speaker with experience in lead generation, content development and branding strategy.

email in inboundmarketingworldEmail is a critical element of your inbound marketing mix. But while highly targeted emails to an opt-in list can possibly grow your overall reach, using less targeted efforts to purchased email lists can reduce your marketing effectiveness and company credibility.

Inbound marketing can generate leads at 60% lower cost and improve lead quality. So, what is the role of email in the inbound marketing puzzle?

  • Is email marketing inbound marketing or outbound marketing?
  • How do email marketing and social media work together?
  • How can email strengthen your customer acquisition process?
  • How does email sharing grow your audience?

For the answers, watch Mike Volpe, VP Marketing at HubSpot, in this free webinar, "The Role of Email Marketing in an Inbound Marketing World." Learn how HubSpot used an inbound marketing strategy to attract over 550,000 opt-in email subscribers.

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