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Webinar Details

Learn how to help clients generate more leads & close more sales by offering inbound marketing and sales and marketing alignment services

Duration: 60 minutes

Who should view?
Agencies and independent professionals alike. Web designers, developers, internet marketers, PR, marketing and ad professionals.

Peter Caputa, Hubspot Partner Program Manager HubSpot and Mark Gibson, Offical HubSpot Partner & Principle at Advanced Marketing Concepts

Technical Requirements:
Internet connection and phone line OR computer speakers.

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sales and marketing alignmentMarketing agencies are increasingly being asked by clients to help generate more and better leads for their sales teams. Yet, very few agencies are equipped to even talk to their clients' sales and marketing management teams about these needs. Very few agencies have experience generating leads online, let alone helping sales and marketing teams function together as one unified team with common goals and mutual accountability.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to offer services that help clients:

  1. Align sales and marketing messaging.
  2. Set lead generation service level agreements for their marketing teams. 
  3. Establish systems that help marketing teams increase sales productivity.
  4. Establish reporting systems for accountability.
  5. Establish feedback loops from sales, so marketing can improve impact of marketing activities on revenue growth.