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Closet Design Company Decreases Cost Per Lead by 60% with HubSpot

Like most closet design companies at the time, Closet Works was focusing on primarily traditional outbound marketing tactics. Once they realized online lead generation was possible, they noticed they had absolutely no control over or insight as to how their website was performing to help their bottom line.


increase in organic web traffic


reduction in cost-per-lead


increase in leads

Closet Works Team

About Closet Works

Closet Works is a leader in custom closet designs serving the Illinois area.

Closet Works Profile

Founded in 1987, Closet Works is a leader in custom closet designs serving the Illinois area. Azra Rakovic, the company’s marketing specialist, shared how she has been using HubSpot to close the loop between lead generation and sales.

Challenge: No Control Over Online Lead Generation

Closet Works was still primarily relying on traditional marketing channels when Azra realized the need for improved online lead generation. “I never had control over how many leads we actually got from the Internet,” Azra said. “Now, I have the ability to really see what is coming through,” she added, referring to her last nine months with HubSpot.

Solution: HubSpot’s Landing Pages & Lead Management Tools

Azra uses HubSpot to both create and track marketing offers. “The first thing I do every morning is log in to HubSpot to see what is going on,” she said.

For instance, HubSpot’s dashboard alerts Azra about landing page improvements, new keyword rankings, incoming leads and social media conversations. “At one glance I can see what is working and what is not, and where I can improve my website score,” she said.

Azra creates HubSpot Landing Pages to launch various marketing offers that are SEO-friendly and easily integrated with other marketing channels like PPC campaigns. “That [landing page creation] is something that before HubSpot I wasn’t able to do very quickly,” Azra noted.

HubSpot’s Lead Management platform also proved useful for Closet Works. It enabled Azra to track incoming leads, follow latest conversion trends and measure long-term results. Thus, the sales and marketing team at Closet Works can “follow a lead from the moment they fill out the form until they become a customer.”

Results: Traffic Growth & Low Cost per Lead

  • Reduced Cost Per Lead by 60%
  • Increased Leads by 40% in six months
  • Reached a 14%-conversion rate for 5 landing pages
  • Nearly doubled organic traffic

“Our cost per lead has dramatically decreased over the past few months,” said Azra. In four months, the cost per lead fell by over 63%, from around $240/lead in March to only $87/lead in late June.

Landing Page Conversions

Thanks to Azra’s successful usage of HubSpot’s landing pages, Closet Works has been able to increase the overall number of leads to nearly 500 leads in six months. Comparing these results to the company’s marketing performance last year, Azra found a 40% increase in lead generation.

“Most importantly, the time spent launching marketing events or campaigns has decreased,” Azra added, attributing this success to the ease of use and flexibility of HubSpot’s landing pages.

Azra admitted that when she first considered HubSpot, she was looking for a catch. “Everything seemed too good to be true,” she said. “Nine months of usage, and I am still waiting for that catch,” she added.

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