Thermo Fisher Scientific Generates 30% Of Its Sales-Ready Leads With Inbound Marketing

    Due to the complexity of their product offerings, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a long sales cycle. The marketing team within the Chromatography division had become frustrated with traditional marketing channels because the way scientists were buying had changed. They needed a tool that would make it easy to post content and engage with their potential buyers. Their goal was to influence the sales cycle by leading the scientific conversation, improving brand recognition, and converting more leads online.


    of sales-ready leads generated on the website


    increase in organic website visitors within 8 months


    increase in Twitter following within 8 months

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Team

    About Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leader in the worldwide separations industry with customers in the environmental testing, food safety testing, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, biotech, hospital, research and government regulatory agency labs.

    Thermo Fisher Looks to Convert More Leads Online

    The marketing team in the Chromatography division of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. knew that they first needed to attract more visitors to their website in order to convert more leads online. Sonya Pelia, Social Media & SEM MarCom Specialist for the division, knew that prospects did a bulk of their research online, but there was a common belief in their industry that scientists didn’t use social media. But, she discovered that more and more individuals were joining Facebook, LinkedIn, and reading blogs; these were crucial information sources for her target audience.  Therefore, she recognized an opportunity to build their organic search rankings and brand awareness by engaging in blogging and social media.

    But Sonya lacked the tools to execute this strategy and started to investigate her options.  “If you’re going to do social media in the B2B space, you can’t just have a Facebook page.  You need to have a serious tool to be successful,” says Sonya. 

    She discovered different tools that could help her manage different pieces of her plan, but she knew that using disparate systems would waste time and not provide complete analytics. “Everything we wanted to do you can get for free…  but do you know how many tools we’d have to be looking in to manage our work?  But when I looked at HubSpot, everything is on one dashboard and we can work efficiently.”

    "The value in HubSpot is that you can do all of your work within one dashboard. It’s really a one-stop shop."

    Sonya Pelia

    Social Media & SEM MarCom Specialist

    Using HubSpot Software Helps Build Their Online Presence and Measure Its Impact

    Sonya knew that blogging would be the main hub from which all of their online tactics would stem. Working with the HubSpot consulting team, she set up a strategy to use the blog for SEO and engaging with prospects by providing thought leadership in a non-biased manner.

    She was able to get up and running quickly with HubSpot’s Blogging tool to easily create optimized blog posts and then quickly share them through other channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to keep the conversation going. “When I’m finished with a post I always click on the optimize tool to make sure I haven’t missed anything - I need to be professional and I don’t have time to go back to it.  I need to get it right the first time.”

    By using HubSpot’s Keyword Grader tool in combination with their blogging, the Thermo Fisher Scientific Chromatography team was able to boost search rankings for their main website, They have 77 keywords for which they are on the first page of Google search results right now, which is important since 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. (source:, October 2010) “For Ion Chromatography, we are right after wikipedia.  There are weeks when I’ve dislodged wikipedia…  our biggest competitor is way down on the page.” 

    Sonya also uses HubSpot’s Email Tools to send announcements to a list of trade editors, publishers, and influencers she has accumulated.  She used to manually copy and paste the content into Outlook – with HubSpot, the content looks more professional and it’s easier for her to manage the list of contacts.  These emails have a 20-25% open rate and the added benefit of giving her content more SEO juice, since they are often shared via other’s social media channels. 


    Results Show Through Increased Traffic, Leads and Cost Savings

    The final piece for their success story comes from HubSpot’s Marketing Analytics. It provided the marketing team with visibility into what marketing channels and content were most effective at driving leads and traffic.

    Before using inbound marketing strategies, only 1-2% of their sales qualified leads came from organic traffic to the website, but that number is now holding steady at 30%.  Sonya attributes this growth to the blog and social media content promoting them as a thought leader: “It’s long-term nurturing of sales…  When people are ready to buy they’ll think of us because they love our content. Now, I get many sales ready requests from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter that I forward to the sales team.”  

    Other benefits have come from these tactics.  Within eight months of using HubSpot, their Twitter following had grown by 154% and monthly website traffic grew by 182%.  Now, after using HubSpot for over a year, monthly traffic is nearly three times what it used to be.  Further use of the Keywords Tool has allowed them to shut down the AdWords campaigns where they’d been paying upwards of $5,000 a month.   

    "Last year 30% of our sales-ready leads came from our website… It’s astounding. The only difference is we are doing search engine marketing and SEO with our blog."

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