WeDo Technologies Sees a 6.3X Increase in Customer Conversion Rate From Email Marketing With an Inbound Marketing Strategy

    WeDo Technologies had always focused on email marketing to nurture and generate leads, but they lacked the tools to measure their efforts and engage with their contacts. They also needed to improve their online efforts through a better search strategy and by creating a conversion path for visitors to their website. They decided to search for a new marketing software solution to help them achieve their goal of becoming a leader in the industry.

    Sandra Almeida

    TUI Travel’s Brands See a 20-50% Increase in Website Traffic After Standardizing on HubSpot’s Marketing Platform

    Rebecca Heidgerd, Director of E-Commerce for TUI North American Education, joined TUI to develop a common e-commerce strategy and platform. The marketing teams of the business units she supported were using different marketing tools and systems. This created inefficiencies and the sales teams were receiving too few, unqualified leads. She implemented HubSpot’s software to help deliver an inbound marketing strategy and improve their lead generation and conversion.

    Rebecca Heidgerd

    ABBYY Uses HubSpot's Tools to Save Time & Money and Increase Revenue

    ABBYY is a software company with 14 offices across the world and is constantly launching new products. ABBYY USA’s marketing team was using various software tools and outside consultants to manage their data and email marketing, which was costing them too much time and money. They needed scalable and flexible tools to support their evolving business, which they found in HubSpot.

    Deborah Bates

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Generates 30% Of Its Sales-Ready Leads With Inbound Marketing

    Due to the complexity of their product offerings, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a long sales cycle. The marketing team within the Chromatography division had become frustrated with traditional marketing channels because the way scientists were buying had changed. They needed a tool that would make it easy to post content and engage with their potential buyers. Their goal was to influence the sales cycle by leading the scientific conversation, improving brand recognition, and converting more leads online.

    Sonya Pelia

    Alere Wellbeing Increases Leads 25% and Saves Money with HubSpot

    Alere Wellbeing had a fixed cost per lead, but had challenges converting them. They lacked the tools and analytics to turn this around until they found HubSpot.

    Geoff Tucker

    HubSpot’s All-In-One Solution Amplifies PennyMac’s Growth

    PennyMac had a goal to accelerate its consumer-direct business, but the resources weren’t yet in place to help guarantee success. Leads were acquired and tracked individually by salespeople and marketing activities were dispersed among several vendors. They purchased HubSpot to help integrate all of their online marketing quickly. What they also found was a platform that would help propel them onto the national stage.

    Jeremy Bachmann

    ShoreTel Moves From Marketing Automation to Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

    The Demand Generation team at ShoreTel believed in inbound marketing, but didn’t have the right toolset to implement it. The main system they used was Eloqua, which they found to be inflexible, slow and not user friendly. When the opportunity came up to evaluate other marketing software options, they jumped on it and soon chose HubSpot.

    Michael Freeman

    Amadeus Rail Yields Record Results with First HubSpot Campaign

    Amadeus Rail needed a way to supercharge their marketing activities and establish themselves as leaders in the rail travel sector. With a small marketing team of four people, disconnected marketing software, and no way to measure the results of their marketing strategy, the company struggled to build engagement with their brand. They found a solution in HubSpot’s all-in-one inbound marketing tools and helpful consultation process.

    Philip Martin

    Online News Publication The Press Enterprise Pleases C-Suite, Advertisers and Audiences with HubSpot’s All-in-One Platform

    The Press Enterprise (PE) was looking to turn more of their digital audience into paying subscribers, as well as continue to keep their current subscribers engaged and loyal. To do this, PE had to provide a user experience that was as relevant and seamless as possible in order to prove the value of being a paying subscriber.

    Jessica Puente

    Hy-Line Cruises Sells 17x More Offers with Inbound Marketing

    Hy-Line had been burned by previous uneffective and unsupportive marketing partnerships. They needed the ability to not only generate leads, but to track those people in order to gain enough intelligence to nurture them effectively into paying customers.

    Betsy Rich