B2B Publisher Cadalyst Increases Revenue, Audience Engagement and Lead Quality with HubSpot

Cadalyst struggled to meet the growing lead generation demands of their customer base, who were becoming increasingly sophisticated in their own content marketing and lead generation initiatives. They felt pressure to deliver more leads at a higher higher cost per lead while increasing the overall lifetime value of their audience database. Poor integration and audience data stretched across multiple platforms, required a lot of time to analyze and often requried outsourced resources. At the end of the day, Cadalyst wanted a clearer picture of their audience to improve lead quality and increase revenue.

Seth Nichols

Vanderbloemen Search Group Quadruples Organic Traffic and Quintuples Leads Using HubSpot

As a leading executive search firm for value-based organizations, churches and ministries, Vanderbloemen Search Group markets to two different target audiences; churches and ministries and also to potential candidates. They aim to produce relevant content that solves their customers' most urgent needs and strive to position themselves as thought-leaders in their market. Prior to HubSpot, they struggled to understand exactly which of their online marketing efforts were resulting in new leads and business.

William Vanderbloemen

Zaggora Uses the Power of HubSpot Integration and Social Media to Increase Revenue

With one of the fastest growing sports brands in the UK, the primary goals for the marketing team at Zaggora.com are to increase lead generation by providing fun, educational fitness content on their website, and to continue to engage and retain their existing customers. They turned to HubSpot to seize an opportunity to better capture traffic on their website and social media, and ultimately win more paying customers.

Emma Beavers

HR Software Start-Up Boosts Sales and Increases Organic Traffic 250% with HubSpot

YouEarnedIt is a flexible employee engagement software platform to recognize people, foster happiness at work, and reward employees for being great. As a rapidly growing start-up, they looked to HubSpot to help provide the guidance, training and tools needed to build awareness, drive more traffic to their website and build a lead generation machine.

Tim Ryan

Canadian Agency KIK Brand Marketing Gains New Retainer Clients and Increases Client Spending 150% using HubSpot

Before investing in HubSpot, KIK Brand Marketing struggled to meet its agency’s growth goals. Despite a strong creative team, project delays and cash flow problems kept the agency from reaching their full potential. KIK President, Andrea Orozco, was determined for the agency to reinvent itself as an industry leader on the forefront of new digital marketing trends.

Andrea Orozco

How Guavabox + DoInbound Integrate HubSpot Using Zapier to Increase Efficiency

With a small three person marketing team, DoInbound cares deeply about making their processes efficient so that they can spend as much of their time marketing to prospects and customers as possible. When Guavabox built their inbound marketing management tool in 2013, they identified a repetitive, three-step process that they knew could be simplified to one step. They sought help from the HubSpot-Zapier integration, an app integration tool to improve this redundant marketing task and make their marketing efforts more efficient.

Andrew Dymski

B2B Ecommerce Company Atlas RFID Increases Revenue 50% Using HubSpot

Atlas RFID Store is an established B2B ecommerce business that was struggling to connect marketing efforts with sales and revenue growth. Atlas RFID implemented HubSpot and saw remarkable results within months. Suddenly, they could automate their lead follow-up and personally touch only the best-quality leads. Launching content offers and blogging consistently over their first year resulted in a 7.5X increase in leads and grew lifetime customer revenue by 128%.

James Thrasher

Finnleo Heats Up Their Web Presence and Increase Traffic 93% with HubSpot

As a leader of the sauna manufacturing industry, Finnleo’s marketing efforts focus on increasing their web presence and capturing more leads to enable their sales force of sauna dealers to generate more business. However, before HubSpot, they faced the inability to track the online activities of their visitors and were unable to make changes to their website, often leaning on developer resources and lengthy turnaround times.

Craig Lahti

Higher Logic sought All-in-One Marketing Platform to Improve Marketing Efficiencies

Higher Logic was invested in Marketo’s marketing automation system and was frustrated by its complexity and the inefficiencies they felt it caused for their marketing team. Upon joining as the CMO in the Fall of 2013, Hunter Montgomery set out to find a better solution – which he found in HubSpot.

Hunter Montgomery

Amerihope Cuts Paid Advertising and Increases Leads 186% Using HubSpot

Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, like many other legal firms, has always relied on paid search and purchasing legal directories to gain customers. After investing in HubSpot and integrating it with Zerys, they’ve dramatically increased both their lead generation and close rates following an inbound marketing strategy.

Kristen Clinton