Marine Navigation Software Success Story: MaxSea International

    MaxSea International’s marketing had gone stale. They needed a way to refresh their marketing strategy and implement a system to better measure whether or not they were successful. They found this solution in HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software and inbound marketing strategy.

    Marcela Ureta

    BrightGauge Software Increases Customers 87% and Revenue 152% Using HubSpot

    In the beginning, BrightGauge was using a variety of tools to promote and attract leads. They lacked a formal process for following up on the few leads that they would generate and were unclear as to why some were closing into customers and others were not. Co-Founder and CEO Eric Dosal found a solution using HubSpot to generate more qualified leads and built an inbound sales process that's helped BrightGauge acquire and retain more customers.

    Eric Dosal

    Tracepoint Drives Customer Satisfaction and Doubles Revenue as a HubSpot Partner

    Since becoming a HubSpot Partner in 2012, Tracepoint has grown into an inbound marketing and automation thought-leader in the United Kingdom. Tracepoint was founded to help today’s forward-thinking tech companies successfully implement high-performing content marketing programmes across the major marketing automation platforms. It has a proven track record spanning a wide range of software and services companies.

    James Cox

    Skura Increases Leads by 2.8X and Reduces Its Sales Cycle 66%

    The marketing team at Skura struggled to identify who was visiting their website and couldn't provide their sales force information about those visitors. They wanted an all-in-one solution to provide those insights, increase speed to market, and help shorten their sales cycle.

    Kent Potts

    Vico Software Doubles Google Search Referrals With HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software

    Vico was a young company that couldn't compete with the marketing budgets of bigger, established companies in the industry. They needed something more than traditional B2B marketing channels to generate leads and sales.

    Holly Allison

    National Fatherhood Initiative Integrates Disparate Tools With HubSpot and Saves 11% of Annual Marketing Spend

    As the nation's largest provider of fatherhood resources and programs, the marketing and development team at NFI wanted to find a scalable solution that would allow them to efficiently reach their unique target audiences of military, corrections, and community-based organizations. Using HubSpot, they've improved brand awareness and their ability to advance the well-being of children nationwide.

    Vincent DiCaro

    Digital Marketing Agency SpinWeb Grows Sales Pipeline Ninefold Using HubSpot

    SpinWeb had been a traditional marketing agency building websites for over a decade. Over the past five years, they had been following marketing trends and began creating and executing content marketing strategies for their clients. They saw an opportunity to further grow their business through inbound marketing. HubSpot filled in the technical and process gaps they were missing and helped boost both their sales and marketing efforts.

    Michael Reynolds

    GSM Worldwide Media Increases Sales 120% and Sees a 129% ROI Using HubSpot

    GSM Worldwide Media, the digital place-based network with large format LED screens in shopping malls, was a young company looking to increase revenue, build their brand and establish themselves in a competitive market. They needed to build a system that could integrate their sales and marketing efforts and maximize their effectiveness impacting their bottom line. By integrating HubSpot with their sales CRM, they've seen great results within their first year.

    Calvin Venus

    B2B Publisher Cadalyst Increases Revenue, Audience Engagement and Lead Quality with HubSpot

    Cadalyst struggled to meet the growing lead generation demands of their customer base, who were becoming increasingly sophisticated in their own content marketing and lead generation initiatives. They felt pressure to deliver more leads at a higher higher cost per lead while increasing the overall lifetime value of their audience database. Poor integration and audience data stretched across multiple platforms, required a lot of time to analyze and often requried outsourced resources. At the end of the day, Cadalyst wanted a clearer picture of their audience to improve lead quality and increase revenue.

    Seth Nichols

    Vanderbloemen Search Group Quadruples Organic Traffic and Quintuples Leads Using HubSpot

    As a leading executive search firm for value-based organizations, churches and ministries, Vanderbloemen Search Group markets to two different target audiences; churches and ministries and also to potential candidates. They aim to produce relevant content that solves their customers' most urgent needs and strive to position themselves as thought-leaders in their market. Prior to HubSpot, they struggled to understand exactly which of their online marketing efforts were resulting in new leads and business.

    William Vanderbloemen