Sobieski Services Increases Revenue 125% with HubSpot Lead Intelligence

    Sobieski Services didn't have a clear understanding of how all their various marketing tools were working in tandem with one another. They had an outside SEO consultant, and couldn't rank for keywords. They had a separate platform for email marketing, and couldn't segment their sends. They had one-dimensional, free tool for analytics, and couldn't tell who was coming to their site. They needed more robust, integrated tools.

    Brittany Sobieski

    Tenon Tours Sees 129% Increase in Revenue with Inbound Marketing

    Tenon Tours couldn't track the ROI of any of their marketing efforts. They were spending money on pay-per-click ads, and their cost-per-conversion was simply too high for their business model.

    Katie Fleming

    IT Consultant NSK, Inc. Sees 207% Increase in New Client Revenue using Inbound

    NSK was spending too much time cold calling, and too much money on PPC ads. They had enlisted an SEO consultant to help them rank for top keywords, but the results were less than ideal: they only ranked for one keyword. On top of this, NSK's website was more of a static brochure than an engine for generating leads and collecting lead intelligence.

    Cathie Briggette

    Vacation Rental Success Story - Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals

    Cedar Creek was spending over $100,000 on paid search ads. While this helped in generating customers, the cost per customer acquisition was too high to be sustainable. This method had a very low ROI.

    Tom Telford

    eCommerce Success Story : Goodbye Crutches

    Goodbye Crutches wanted to get beyond exchanging dollars for visits - they knew they needed a content strategy that involved the best practices for SEO, blogging and social media to drive traffic and a plan to convert that traffic into paying customers. They'd tried piecing together point solutions before, but their problem was they were bouncing between so many different free platforms that none of their efforts were consistent, or executed completely.

    Tom Schwab

    Staffing Agency Attracts More Qualified Talent with HubSpot Software

    Aclipse was spending a ton of money on pay-per-click ads. They were getting lots of leads this way, but they were mostly low quality leads. Aclipse wanted to use social media and inbound marketing to generate not only more leads, but higher quality leads.

    Rebecca McNeil

    Payroll Services Company Attracts 550 Blog Subscribers in 6 Months

    PrimePay was using an SEO agency for website optimization and updates. However, this alone didn't help PrimePay produce any actual customers or sales numbers. PrimePay needed information about their visitors, and the analytics to measure the results of her efforts, and to gain actionable knowledge about her marketing performance.

    Nancy Mullin

    Music School Grows Customer Base 400% Using HubSpot

    Jammin' With You relied primarly on word-of-mouth marketing for new clients. These were high-quality leads, but there simply weren't enough of them. They wanted to generate leads through their website, but it was far from an interactive, easy-to-use, home page aimed towards achieving their marketing and sales goals.

    Josh Shriber

    Proofreading Service Grows Organic Traffic by 480% Using HubSpot

    ProofreadNOW used to rely on referrals, direct mail and Pay-Per-Click to attract new customers. These methods were inefficient for their business, as they couldn't capture any actual data or lead intelligence about the people visiting their website.

    Conni Eversull

    Pool Construction Company Reduces PPC Spending 50%, Grows Organic Leads

    River Pools and Spa needed to focus on developing their online presence. They knew that traditional marketing strategies like radio, direct mail and yellow pages were ineffective, yet they didn't have a better solution to give them full control of their digital marketing strategy.

    Marcus Sheridan