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Ecommerce Success Story : Goodbye Crutches

Goodbye Crutches wanted to get beyond exchanging dollars for visits - they knew they needed a content strategy that involved the best practices for SEO, blogging and social media to drive traffic and a plan to convert that traffic into paying customers. They'd tried piecing together point solutions before, but their problem was they were bouncing between so many different free platforms that none of their efforts were consistent, or executed completely.


increase in traffic


lower cost to acquire new customers


increase in sales

About Goodbye Crutches

Goodbye Crutches is the nation's largest distributor of crutch alternatives for sale and rental.

About the Company

If you can't bear weight and can't bear crutches, Goodbye Crutches is your resource. As the nation's largest distributor of crutch alternatives they rent and sell solutions to people recovering from injury or surgery. They offer a full line of Knee Scooters, Seated Scooters, and Hands Free Crutches along with other ancillary items needed to help during recovery.

Before HubSpot

  • While they had an idea of what needed to be done (SEO, content creations, blogging, social media, etc.) the execution became so difficult bouncing between various free platforms, that those items were never consistently accomplished. Their lack of execution with free products ending up becoming costly.
  • Goodbye Crutches was spending a lot of money on PPC traffic, yet they knew it was not improving their business. They knew they needed to invest in a system that would improve the business, not just buy more traffic.
  • They quickly became aware that while money might not fix a problem, it can sure mask it. They used ever increasing Pay Per Click spending to boost traffic and sales. Eventually, they couldn't afford to scale it up, but at the same time feared cutting back. It became an unhealthy way to grow their business.

How Did HubSpot Help?

  • Goodbye Crutches used the HubSpot Blogging Tool because it forced them to perform the best blogging practices. With this tool they were able to turn three team members who had never blogged into content producing machines.
  • By utilizing Sources in the HubSpot Software, GoodBye Crutches was able to close the loop and directly connect their marketing effort to sales. It allows them to accurately identify and focus on their most productive activities, while eliminating the resources they were wasting in non-productive areas.
  • With HubSpot’s Keyword Grader Tool, Goodbye Crutches was able to decide what to focus their marketing efforts on. It then allowed them to identify the areas that will have the most impact and track the results.
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"Even better than the system is the ongoing education: the weekly webinar, the best practices, the HUGS groups. As a HubSpotter, you'll have the access to learn from the brightest people about cutting edge best practices and how to put it into practice.”

"In the first 6 months we were able to double our organic traffic due largely to blogging. This allowed us to reduce our spending and dependence on PPC traffic, which we had identified as less likely to convert to a paying customer. The savings in PPC and increased profitability more than offset the cost of the HubSpot Software."

Tom Schwab

Founder and Owner, Goodbye Crutches

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