The following is a guest post by HubSpot customer Caroline Le Brun, marketing director at CBCI Telecom. CBCI Telecom is Canada’s visual collaboration expert for all telepresence, videoconference, and audiovisual solutions.

Before my company, CBCI Telecom, signed up with HubSpot back in November, I really only had specks of knowledge of the potential of HubSpot and the possibilities of social networks. But I must say, even though I have not achieved expert status yet, I can easily maneuver around these new tools and actually get results. That makes my boss really happy!

I don’t want to keep you too long, but I do want to share with you a recent campaign we launched and its results.

Initially, I didn’t really know if I was a believer in creating our own original content, considering we are a value added reseller. In the past, we’ve always used our manufacturers’ content. However, just a couple of weeks ago, after much effort, revisions, and translations, we actually launched our first ePaper. Before its release, we would average fewer than 20 hits from social media per month, but once we released our ePaper, we received 20 hits from social media per day!

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Here’s what I did to achieve these results:

1. From all the social media monitoring, Google Alerts, and other insights, I noticed that there wasn’t much content available about visual collaboration for videoconferencing. So, with the special collaboration of Dave Giguère, one of the account managers in our Ottawa office, we put together five collaboration tools to leverage videoconferences.

2. I truly believe that there is a lot of truth in what HubSpot teaches us about trying things out and getting out there. That is exactly what I did. Around the ePaper, I created a landing page, a thank you page with a quote request (which generated a 30% conversion rate!), a blog post, and I also featured these links on the SHARE to Post section in my Weekly eMarketing Internal Email Update.

3. My last step was to launch of the ePaper and start generating some traffic. I shared the link in a blog post and on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Lastly, I forwarded the link to my group on LinkedIn. I used the LinkedIn share button that I added to the thank you page, which sends visitors back to the ePaper's landing page. Most of the hits came from this method.


The data speaks for itself. We have seen a peak in February, as exhibited in the chart above, which can be attributed to the release of the ePaper and our promotion of it in social media. I hope I have sparked your interest in using the power of social networks in combination with your original and relevant content. See you soon on HubSpot!

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Originally published Mar 4, 2011 9:00:00 AM, updated July 04 2013


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