Today, we are announcing that Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn, is joining our board of directors, and Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact, is leaving our board of directors.

Michael is the founder/CEO of LogMeIn and has done a masterful job of growing it from a private, pre-revenue startup to a public market leader with more than $100 million in revenue and nearly $1 billion in market cap in just eight years.

Prior to LogMeIn, Michael started another company that also went public. He is a real pro, and I look forward to having his sage advice as we continue to try to build a marketing transformation juggernaut.

Gail has been on our board since the early days of HubSpot. She has been absolutely fantastic – I could not have asked for more. She has been a great coach for me personally, has helped us get our head around the SaaS math, and been a steady presence in the board meetings themselves. She will be missed by me personally and the many HubSpotters who have had the pleasure to get to know her over the years.

When Gail first joined HubSpot’s board, we were primarily a ToFu (top of the funnel) company that helped businesses “get found.” More recently, we have developed MoFu (middle of the funnel) functionality that helps businesses convert visitors into leads and customers, including email marketing, Gail’s core business.

While this has been going on, Constant Contact has been spreading its wings as well, adding new functionality including social media tools that are starting to partially overlap with some of our stuff. The overlap is pretty minimal at this point and our target market is different, but it is close enough that we thought it would be prudent to part ways amicably.

-- Brian Halligan

Originally published Aug 9, 2011 1:54:00 PM, updated July 11 2013