Marketplace App: Speak to Leads Within Seconds of Inquiry

by Jeffrey Russo


Nov 29, 2012 9:00:00 AM

It doesn’t take an MIT study to know the faster you speak to your leads the more sales you will make. But there is an MIT study. And it says your inbound internet leads freeze faster than your mustache in Moose Jaw. (It gets very cold in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The condensation from your nose will freeze your mustache. Ouch.)  

Being fast also means being first. And being the first company to respond means the sale is essentially yours to close because 80% of prospects who buy will do so from the 1st company to call them back. Speak2Leads is an automated response system that instantly alerts you when you have a new lead, and it's a new app in the HubSpot App Marketplace - you can check it out here.

Immediately after a potential customer submits their inquiry via your Hubspot form, you will receive an automated inbound call from Speak2Leads notifying you that you have a hot new Internet lead. Just follow the prompts and press “1” to speed dial the lead and you will be speaking to them in seconds. 

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But that’s not all. Speak2Leads' own data shows that after delivering over 500,000 leads by phone with Speak2Leads, on average only 35%-40% result in a connection with a prospect on the first try. So you have to be persistent about reattempting to reach your leads. On average our clients connect with 75% or more of their leads by calling them up to 4 times. And even higher if you try up to 6 times over several days. 

Speak2Leads automates the reattempts for you. And we track the number of attempts it takes to connect with each lead by source and by rep. Thats good to know so you can score your lead sources based on connectivity too. Because you can’t close a lead if you can’t speak to them.  

Install the Speak2Leads app from Hubspot's Marketplace and  never miss an opportunity again to speak to a hot Internet lead, from any phone anywhere.

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Things to know:

  • You will continue to receive your leads via email or by post to your CRM. We do not interfere with that process.
  • You can set up your rules to determine which leads generate calls and where the calls should go.
  • You can deliver the calls using simultaneous, step ringing and/or round robin.
  • Speak2Leads will park after hour leads with Lead Valet and they you will receive them by phone the next business day starting anytime you want and intervals set by you.
  • Speak2Leads can call extensions, direct lines or your pbx system. 
  • You can identify who took the call by entering a Rep ID.
  • You can tag the call as a "conversion" by pressing 5. 

Speak2Leads is now available in the HubSpot App Marketplace - check it out today!

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