HubSpot forms are getting better and better! Over the past few weeks, we've rolled out several new features that make it easier than ever to collect accurate, clean data from visitors to your landing pages and website. Let's take a look...

Form validation
HubSpot forms now validate email addresses by checking to see if data entered into the email field is valid. The system checks against many common variations, and recognizes international extensions like and, too. Forms also now check for commonly misspelled words and domain extensions (i.e., if a user enters "" instead of "").  If a user enters incorrect or suspect information into your form, HubSpot now shows a clear warning message alerting them to the problem before they submit their form details. This feature is another step toward cleaner data in your database that is easier to manage, segment, and maintain.

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Domain blocking
It's also now possible for customers to block form submissions with email addresses from specific domains! This often requested feature is helpful for folks who are receiving spam submissions from certain domains. Domain blocking lives on the form editing screen - just click the "email" field on any new form, and you'll see the empty field. Separate domains with commas to add multiple domains. 

With the click of a single checkbox, you can also now block users from entering in any address from one of hundreds of known free email providers, to decrease the likelihood of spam submissions, and increase the likelihood of getting legitimate company email addresses from your prospects.

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Phone Number Validation
Our new validation options don't stop at email. Number length validation now allows you to set how long a phone number entry should be. Easily choose to limit the digit lengths to greater or less than a certain number (helpful for international customers) or set a fixed length that a phone number must be (for example, US phone numbers are typically 10 digits long.) This lives alongside the email validation features - simply click the phone number field when assembling your form.

These options are now available for all forms created through the HubSpot 3 forms tool - even past forms you've created and placed on landing pages or outside website pages now have this option!

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Originally published Dec 18, 2012 1:56:00 PM, updated January 17 2023