This is a guest post by Stephanie Goodman from Vidyard, a new app provider in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

As a marketer you know that video content is a critical part of your overall customer acquisition, conversion and content strategy.  At the same time, when it comes to getting data out of your video content it’s been this black box.

That's where Vidyard comes in. With the launch of our Video Analytics Marketplace App you'll now be able to pump powerful video analytics directly into each contact record in your Hubspot account, opening up that black box and exposing new and powerful data inside your video content.

With the Video Analytics App, you will see the following data on each contact:

  • How many players they watched
  • Total time they spend watching your content
  • The most recent video they watched

You’ll also get heat map data on each specific video they watch including:

  • How long they watched the video, and if they watched to the end
  • What pieces of content within the video they found most engaging
  • What pieces of content they skipped, or played more than once.

Use this valuable data to qualify leads based on how many videos they’ve watched on your site and how many total minutes of video they’ve consumed. 

Take the guesswork out of your entire video campaign strategy and identify what content drives the most clicks, engages best and converts strongest. Use this data to test and optimize your video placement and to develop additional content in your customer’s sweet spot.

By identifying the type of video content that engages your contacts, you can apply this learning across all content channels to increase your click through rates on landing pages, web pages and email campaigns.

Finally, because you can capture all this data down to the individual contact level you can tailor follow up messaging and campaigns to the types of content that, to them, was most compelling. 

Press play below to see the video analytics app in action:

To request a demo, try the app out for free or to learn more click here to have one of our Video Marketing Specialists get in touch.

Originally published Jan 14, 2013 9:05:00 AM, updated January 17 2023