As an Inbound Marketer, you need to understand the impact that your blog is having on your business. Which posts are generating views, discussions, and inbound links? Which posts are sending visitors to your landing pages to convert? Who on your team wrote the most engaging blog post last month?

We're thrilled to announce that Blog Analytics is now fully integrated into Page Performance. For the past six years, Blog Analytics has been one of our most popular tools for both customers and HubSpot users like our very own CMO, Mike Volpe. Now that Blog Analytics is part of the Page Performance app, we’re pleased to be able to offer even more data and the advanced user interface you’ve come to expect from HubSpot.

Hubspot Blog Analytics Screenshot

Filtering by the “HubSpot Blog Posts” option in the Page Performance tool allows you to see all the blog post metrics you’re used to seeing. Author, Publish Date and Comments will be displayed next to new data, improving your ability to measure the impact that blogging has on your SEO and lead generation. The new Keywords column displays how many of your keywords each post ranks for, while CTA% shows how effective your articles are at driving conversions.

Hubspot's Blog Analytics Integrated with Page Performance

We’re also excited to provide an update to our official WordPress plugin. Customers who blog on the WordPress platform will now enjoy even tighter integration with Page Performance. The HubSpot WordPress plugin now captures pageviews, author, publish date, comments and RSS subscribers directly from your WordPress blog and displays them in the HubSpot Blog Posts section of Page Performance.

If you’re a HubSpot customer blogging on Wordpress, you’ll need to download and install the latest version of the wordpress plugin or update your current version. It’s quick to install and allows HubSpot to fully capture author, post date, comment counts and RSS subscribers right from WordPress.

If your blog is hosted on a platform that’s not HubSpot or Wordpress, you won’t need to make any changes. While you can continue to analyze your blog posts in Page Performance, you will not be able to see Published Date, Author and Comment count. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to support these fields for external blogs other than Wordpress.

Starting today, Blog Analytics data is a part of Page Performance for all HubSpot customers. We will be removing the stand-alone Blog Analytics app as of January 31.

Please give the new version a spin and let us know what you think.  Comments are always appreciated and encouraged.

Originally published Jan 15, 2013 3:41:00 PM, updated January 17 2023


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