Inbound Marketing Seminar at the New England Business Expo

by Pete Caputa


Oct 23, 2008 6:39:00 PM

HubSpot's Peter Caputa (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Blitztime) presented, "Inbound Marketing: How to Get Found Online and Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine" at the New England Business Expo on Wednesday, October 23, 2008. 

The seminar covered all of the important traffic acquisition methods available to small and mid sized businesses including search engine optimization, blogging for business, pay per click advertising and social media marketing. Peter also explained best practices for converting visitors into leads via a website including having great calls to action, great offers and well designed landing pages.  A lively discussion ensued about the importance of creating educational and informative content and engaging directly with individuals through the blogosphere and social mediasphere in order to attract, educate, impress and engage prospective clients before they ever speak with a salesperson. 

Attendees were encouraged to download HubSpot's extensive free internet marketing resources. Free website grade reports were provided to several hundred attendees and exhibitors. Slides from the presentation are downloadable via Slideshare.

Peter is co-hosting a follow up online/phone speed networking event at Blitztime on October 29th at 12 Noon EST where participants will have an opportunity to network with each other as well as several inbound marketing experts from HubSpot. 

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