Brian Halligan to Discuss Customer Acquisition at Future Forward

by Pamela Vaughan


Nov 11, 2008 4:04:00 PM

Future Forward 2008 Executive Retreat Designed to Provide Maximum Business Value
Future Forward 2008

HubSpot CEO and Co-Founder, Brian Halligan, is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion at the Future Forward 2008 Executive Retreat, hosted by the New England Venture Capital Association on November 19. 

The retreat, held at the Henderson House in Weston, MA, will bring together a high-level group of entrepreneurs, CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, researchers and investors in New England technology for a full day of networking opportunities, demo sessions, debates, panel discussions and real-world implementation stories that is intended to provide maximum business value for attendees. 

Halligan will accompany five other executives in an afternoon panel that will discuss new strategies for customer acquisition.  Joining him are Paul Gaffney, George Grey, Nabeel Hyatt, Bill Lucchini and moderator, Doug Levin.

"It is my pleasure to participate in the Future Forward Executive Retreat this year," said Halligan.  "The retreat is selective and is geared toward an experienced group of business people, so I am looking forward to both contributing and learning advanced tips from other leaders in the technology industry."

Future Forward events are extremely interactive and are designed to bypass obvious how-to type sessions in order to arrive at "real insight."  Most Future Forward event audience members consist of industry leaders who often contribute as speakers at other events and conferences.

To request an invitation to attend the retreat, please contact Scott Kirsner of Future Forward by emailing scott [at] futureforward [dot] com. 

Links for more information:

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2008 Executive Retreat Agenda 

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