HubSpot Sponsors Aberdeen Report on Search Engine Marketing

by Pamela Vaughan


Nov 26, 2008 10:36:00 AM

Report Highlights Best Practices in Paid Search, Paid Inclusion and Search Engine Optimization
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HubSpot recently sponsored the release of Aberdeen's "What Does It Take to Create Best-In-Class Search Engine Marketing?" study.  The report, conducted in September and October, studied over 200 organizations worldwide on SEM - organic search, paid search, paid inclusion - and reveals the differentiation between the Best-In-Class from all other organizations. 
The study also emphasizes the capabilities Best-In-Class companies implement (which include organizational, process, knowledge management, performance management) and the technologies they utilize to support these capabilities. 
Importantly, the Aberdeen report stresses the notion that during times of economic uncertainty, driving conversions and stretching the shrinking marketing budget is more crucial than before.  
Check out some of the study's key takeaways:
  • Best-In-Class firms see an average return on marketing investment of 108% (compared to Industry Average firms' 16.5% return), which helps justify to executives the successes/failures of search marketing efforts in a quantifiable way.  (Traditionally, marketing budgets are the first to go.)
  • Companies that fail to analyze the data they capture online and offline risk not maximizing search engine marketing efforts and jeopardize the chance to justify budget increases. 
  • 68% of Best-In-Class companies utilize a customer relationship management technology solution to support their SEM efforts, which stresses the importance of formal processes and policies for delivering leads to the sales team.
  • Companies must employ a combination of strategic actions, capabilities and technologies in order to obtain a competitive advantage.
To download the full Aberdeen report, please visit:
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