TwitSnip Bookmarklet Feature Added to HubSpot's Twitter Grader

by Pamela Vaughan


Dec 2, 2008 1:17:00 PM

HubSpot recently added a new feature to its popular free tool, Twitter Grader.  The TwitSnip bookmarklet is a simple tool for easily posting text from other web pages to Twitter.  The tool can be accessed by clicking on the TwitSnip tab on or by visiting

In addition to enabling users to "quote" a web page's text, it does some other cool things.  TwitSnip also:

  • Looks up the @username of the website you are quoting (if one exists) and includes it in the tweet it generates,
  • Shortens the website's URL to a TinyURL, and
  • Shortens the length of the tweet (if needed) using a "twitabulary" of short words.    

Here is an example of a tweet generated by TwitSnip:


After quickly installing the TwitSnip bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar, using it is as easy as highlighting the desired text on a website, clicking the bookmark to invoke TwitSnip's power and logging into Twitter to post the tweet! 

Check it out, and let us know what you think!  

Links for more information:

TwitSnip Bookmarklet 

Twitter Grader

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