Google Search Results Update

by Mike Volpe


Jan 2, 2009 12:51:00 PM

As you may have seen in a number of blogs and other sources around the web, Google is making some major updates to their search rankings both over the past few days, and probably continuing over the next few days or weeks.  Looking at data across the HubSpot customer base, we have confirmed an update is happening.  Google does this often (every few months) as they make some changes to their algorithms and try to improve the value of thier search engine for their users.  These changes tend to be more drastic than the daily or weekly changes that are always happening.

Where can you learn about the impact of this change? 

We recommend that HubSpot customers check HubFeed and Keyword Grader over the next week to understand the impact on your company.  HubSpot updates your keyword rankings every 7 days, so over the next week you should see updates on all your rankings.

What should you do?

The short answer is "nothing different".  While some of your rankings may have fallen, others may rise.  Overall, SEO is a long term strategy and rather than worry about your ranking for one particular favorite keyword phrase, you should be focused on ranking for more and more keyword phrases by building more content (web pages and blog articles) and building more inbound links to your website to increase your authority.  We have seen nothing in this latest update that changes the basic and most important factors in Google's ranking algorithm.

If you have any specific questions, we recommend you talk to your IMC or post a question in the discussion forums.

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