Are you a seasoned marketer who is fairly new to all this inbound marketing stuff?  Perhaps you're even unsure about what "inbound marketing" really means.  Or maybe you'd just like learn a little bit more about how to use inbound marketing to your company's advantange.  If only there were some free, online, college-level courses you could enroll in that would certify you in all things inbound marketing ...

Well, aren't you in luck!  Registration has launched for Inbound Marketing University, a free marketing retraining program for marketing professionals -- as well as marketers between jobs -- looking to gain new skills to get ahead in the competitive workforce. (Learn how to register here.)

By registering, each inbound marketing student will have the opportunity to attend 10 online webinars throughout the week-long program from June 15 to 19 that includes ten webinar classes and one review session with the following esteemed inbound marketing professors:

In addition, the program also offers a comprehensive Student Tool Kit including live class Q&A, study groups, make-up classes and even a study guide.

The university program concludes with an inbound marketing certification exam on June 22. Those who will complete IMU and pass the exam will become Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals and will receive an official certificate and certification badge.

Click here to check out the complete course schedule. 

IMU has been made possible by the following generous partners: Constant Contact, HubSpot, InTouch, MarketingExperiments, MarketingProfs, ON24, New Marketing Labs, SEOmoz and SVAMA.

To register to become a member of the IMU Class of '09, please visit

Then show off your enrollment with a cool badge like this one:

Inbound Marketing University

After all, who doesn't wish they were back in college?

Originally published May 21, 2009 5:50:00 PM, updated July 11 2013


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