We are officially launching a much anticipated partner program for marketing services providers on June 12th! (Register here for the launch webinar.)

Over the last year and a half, we have been inundated with over 10,000 partnership requests from small and large marketing firms alike, who want to implement an Inbound Marketing solution for their clients. 

In December 2008 we launched a pilot program to determine how much value a partner program could create for our customers, and how much value we could provide to marketing firms who choose to leverage our Inbound Marketing software platform and training program.

In May 2008, the HubSpot management team decided to expand benefits for the existing partners, as well as invite the next set of partners to get involved with HubSpot. 

CEO and Co-Founder, Brian Halligan said, "We know that many of our customers will derive more value from our product if they are working closely with a marketing agency. Helping our Partners succeed will help us provide more value to our customers and that is why we are committed to enhancing and building the Partner Program."

Here is feedback from a few of our beta partner program participants. 

1. HubSpot provides a valuable product that helps partners better serve their clients.

“HubSpot’s new partner program has been a three way win/win. HubSpot wins by pointing clients to a competent agency who can provide the expertise to accelerate internet marketing planning and results. Find and Convert wins because we win new clients. And, best of all the client wins because they get the best of HubSpot’s software and our agency expertise. Since HubSpot doesn’t want to be in the “agency” business, this is truly a win/win/win scenario.”
-Bernie Borges | CEO, Find and Convert

"HubSpot's all-in-one suite is a perfect inbound marketing platform for small and mid-sized businesses. The complete suite removes guesswork by enabling businesses to make decisions from rich and actionable data. Wakefly provides HubSpot customers with an advisor with whom they can collaborate, establish timelines and goals, and outsource the heavy lifting. Leveraging HubSpot's software, we can more easily create inbound demand and achieve client's business growth objectives."
-Jeetu Mahtani | Senior Solutions Engineer, Wakefly

2. HubSpot's product allows partners to focus on delivering value to clients without the typical cost of developing and intergating a variety of solutions in-house.

“We became interested in Hubspot Owner because we were in desperate need of a content management solution that would allow us to be strategic in terms of SEO. But once we found out that Hubspot’s platform echoed our own practices—ones that we had been implementing from scratch—we converted. We’ve since eliminated the time we were spending creating landing pages from nothing, analyzing metrics by hand, trying to qualify leads and reinventing the wheel for our own internet marketing."
-Gretel Going | Partner, Channel V Media

“Before HubSpot I utilized several different tools to help me gather the information HubSpot gathers in ONE tool which gives me more time to spend on serving my customers and increasing my bottom line.”
-Shari Sultana | Owner, Modern Marketing Support

3. HubSpot values its partners and works with them to ensure they succeed.

“HubSpot is a leading-edge company. Above all, they value their customers. They demonstrate this by creating a superior product, providing expert Internet Marketing Consulting sessions, fantastic technical support and a highly active customer support forum moderated by HubSpot employees.”
- Shari Sultana | Owner, Modern Marketing Support

4. Demand for Inbound Marketing services is helping Partners grow their businesses.

"Our agency is on pace to grow 130 – 150% this year, we are adding when most are cutting. Obviously there is demand in the market for these services that will likely increase as HubSpot's profile does. I don’t know if we could build a profitable model around Inbound Marketing services without it [HubSpot].”
-Paul Roetzer | President, PR 20/20

If you are interested in learning how you can use HubSpot’s Partner Program to grow your business, attend our free webinar this Friday  June, 12th at 1pm EDT. Space is limited to the first 1,000 attendees so register here today!

Originally published Jun 9, 2009 3:56:00 PM, updated January 17 2023