Blog Grader

We're announcing our newest free marketing tool today!  Blog Grader now joins our collection of graders at  Blog Grader is an online tool and ranking system that measures the effectiveness of a blog, provides a diagnostic report and assigns a blog rank. 

The new tool employs a comprehensive ranking system that incorporates factors including your blog's influence, reach, content volume and engagement in the blogosphere.

Like its cousin, Website Grader, Blog Grader evaluates a user's blog and provides a full report, including such elements as Web traffic, social media mentions, frequency of updates, comments and mentions of the blog in comments on other blogs.  The tool suggests ways to enhance the quality of a blog, assigns a blog rank and also generates the Blog Elite, or the top blogs based on rank.

"We're pleased to introduce our newest addition to the team," said Dharmesh Shah, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of HubSpot. "Blog Grader relies on a comprehensive list of factors that should be considered when evaluating the caliber of a blog, which is what makes it such a valuable tool.  You can also rank yourself and your competitors!"

Does your blog make the grade?  Simply enter your blog's URL at to find out.

Originally published Jul 15, 2009 7:39:00 AM, updated January 17 2023