HubSpot Announces Dates for 2nd Inbound Marketing University

by Pamela Vaughan


Jul 27, 2009 8:20:00 AM

Inbound Marketing University
Due to the overwhelming success of the first Inbound Marketing University (IMU), today we're announcing dates for its second installment, IMU2.

IMU is a free marketing retraining program that offers an online curriculum of Internet marketing webinars taught by a faculty of volunteer marketing experts to help professionals gain a competitive edge during the declining job market. The second IMU program includes two new webinars on Tuesday, August 11 and Wednesday, August 12 and concludes with a certification exam on Thursday, August 13, 2009.

IMU2 launches after the overwhelming success of the first Inbound Marketing University and addresses the need for inexpensive marketing training during a distressed economy. The 4,600 IMU registrants received over 13,000 hours of free inbound marketing training from the volunteer marketing faculty. At the conclusion of the program, two-thirds of the 800+ students who took the exam became Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals.

IMU2 is open to anyone interested in inbound marketing, including past IMU students. The program launches on August 11 and features two brand new classes taught by PR maven, Todd Defren (SHIFT Communications) and Twitter guru, Laura Fitton (Pistachio Consulting). Registered students will attend these new webinar classes in addition to past IMU professors' classes and take a certification exam, to be available from August 13 to August 20. Registrants who complete IMU2 and pass the exam will become Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals and will receive an official certificate and certification badge.

Since the first IMU, registrants who became Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals have used their new expertise to get ahead in the job market, acquire new business and enhance their careers. "Through IMU I have met some amazing people, some of which I am now collaborating with on a large project," said Lisa Jantzen Alvey, Social Media Manager at Fresno Pacific University. "We are spread across the U.S. with a myriad of talents, all brought together through IMU."

"I am so proud of attending IMU and receiving my certification," said Jennifer Davis, who is using her IMU certification to land a new job. "I've noticed that once people learn that you have an IMU certification, interest level from potential employers really picks up."

"We've been so overwhelmed with positive responses from past IMU students," said Brian Halligan, CEO and co-founder of HubSpot. "In an economy such as this one, we're glad to be able to offer the free training people need to get a leg up in the job industry. It's amazing and rewarding to see how many people are benefiting from the IMU program."

Don't miss your second chance to become an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional!  To register for IMU2, please visit

Inbound Marketing University is hosted on, a new online community created by HubSpot for all those interested in the growing industry of inbound marketing.

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