HubSpot Launches New Navigation

by Sam Clemens


Aug 13, 2009 11:30:00 AM

Check out HubSpot's new navigation!

Starting today, HubSpot is making our new navigation available to customers.

Old navbar:

New navbar:


Why the change?

Over the years HubSpot has collected a lot of data about how our customers use HubSpot. The new navigation will make it easier for both new and existing users to understand the breadth of our product suite and find what they need.

Our suite of products has also grown since we first started. The new navigation will both match our Inbound Marketing methodology as well as create room for new features we have on the way.

When does this take effect?

Starting today, the new navigation is available for existing customers to preview by clicking the link "Preview The New Navigation" in their existing navbar. Users can switch back and forth at will during the Preview period.

After about two weeks of the Preview period we will roll the new navigation out to all of our customers in a permanent mode. Of course, we will continue to gather feedback and recommendations from our customers and make revisions after that time.


For more information, log in and visit our customer forums, read the Success article about the new navbar, or ask our Support team.

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