Help Twitter Grader Win a People's Champ Pixel Award

by Pamela Vaughan


Oct 1, 2009 10:03:00 AM

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HubSpot's Twitter Grader was chosen as a finalist in the 4th annual Pixel Awards competition in - you guessed it - the Geek category.  We couldn't be prouder!

Twitter Grader -- What?!

If you haven't yet checked it out, Twitter Grader is one tool in HubSpot's suite of free marketing tools.  It allows users to measure the power of their Twitter profiles, assigning a numerical grade (ranging from zero to 100) that assesses a user's authority on Twitter based on factors such as their number of followers, the reach of the people following them and how often they post updates.  Twitter Grader also highlights top Twitter users (the Twitter Elite) and suggests new users to follow, enabling you to expand your network by finding new and/or influential people who share your interests or work in the same industry.

Power of the People

Twitter Grader's nomination also makes it eligible to win a People's Champ award, which is based on voting by people like you.  So if you're a fan of Twitter Grader, we'd love your help in making it a People's Champ winner.  

Voting is simple.  Here's how:

  1. Click over to
  2. Scroll down to find Twitter Grader under the Geek category, or use the Quick Jump drop-down menu.
  3. Mark the bubble next to Twitter Grader, and scroll down to click submit

Voting is open from today, October 1 until October 30.  If you're a big fan of Twitter Grader, vote once a day through the 30th. 

Twitter Grader was also a finalist winner in the 2009 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards, the 2009 American Business Awards and the 2009 Webby Awards competitions and was a Mashup Awards winner. 

Check out HubSpot's other free marketing tools at

Thanks for your help! 

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