We recently ran a contest on Google Buzz asking people to answer the question "How will Google Buzz affect your inbound marketing strategy?"

Two of the answers we thought were best ended up being quite creative and funny poems.  Here they are:

Winner: Leslie Jones

My gmail caught the Buzz
I'm no longer surfing the Wave

If I play my 'following' cards right,
Buzz could be my new inbound slave

I'm sure Google's Mad Men are working
To find a way that marketers can shine

We all know Buzz's version of the Fan Page
Simply cannot be too far behind

Facebook allows us to Like anything,
While for Buzz it's only the topics

If I can devise a way to make Buzz my Hub
This spot will be hot like the tropics

All inbound marketing must lead to one place
It must come in consistently - at a navigable pace

Buzz must find a way to be top of mind
Above The Wave, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace

Through your Gmail - that's how!
Built-in followers - wow!

But do we have time for all of these now?

HubSpot are the ones who have made the Buzz fun
If it weren't for them I may be elsewhere

So to those of you saying ‘time will tell'
Sit down with me, and secrets I'll bear

Now think...think...think...how'd you get here?

Through a blog, or Twitter, some other social end of the sphere?

Each step that you take
For better links to make

Your customers will follow,
And just like us they will take. And take. And take!

Now your inbound trickle, has become an inbound lake!
Full of fish that may bite, but an incentive you must make!

A deadline on this contest Hubspot smartly did not name,
Now all the comments here can grow and mold their fame...

Patience eager guinea pigs...
For the Mac
One soon shall claim.

Runner Up: Madeleine LeFreileux-Weber

(Haikus about Google Buzz)

Clients think us weird
Tweeting and stalking all day
Follow me, over here!

Enter the new guy
Fashionably late, duh.
OMG so cool!

Automatic hype
what's that buzzing sound now?
Gee, mail is old school

Maybe get buzzed
We overdose on new toy
Buzz killed in crash!

Buzz lightyear rescue
New toy called "zzz" arrives - fun!
ZZZZZzz u l8r dood

Congratulations Leslie!  Nice work Madeleine!

Originally published Mar 9, 2010 5:38:00 PM, updated January 17 2023


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