Get Marketing Certified on Your Schedule! New On-Demand #IMU Exam

by Rebecca Corliss


Mar 24, 2010 9:07:00 AM

Today the Inbound Marketing University team is launching its brand new on-demand certification exam! (Register for IMU here.)

Now, excited and well-studied students don't have to wait for specific test periods. With the exam open 24/7, students can jump into the test whenever they're ready.  

IMU is a free marketing program consisting of 16, one-hour online classes to prepare you for the Inbound Marketing Certification Exam. To date, 1,300 marketers have passed the exam to become Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals, and approximately 10,000 students have joined the Inbound Marketing University community.

We're proud of our graduates' successes! Check out our new students' testimonial page to read about what our students have accomplished post-graduation and watch the video below.

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