HubSpot is devoting more and more resources and attention to building a vibrant community of marketing agencies as partners. Today, we've officially launched a new section of our website to help existing and prospective resellers and service providers partner with us. The site includes:

  1. A step by step guide on 'How to Become a HubSpot Partner'.
  2. How to 'Become a Certified Partner'
  3. Educational resources to help resellers learn how to sell and deliver inbound marketing services.
  4. Information about the HubSpot Services Marketplace
  5. How to take the HubSpot Partner Certification Exam.

In February, HubSpot launched Version 1 of the HubSpot Value Added Reseller Program during Brian Halligan's "Transforming the Marketing Services Industry" webinar. Since that time, we have added more internal resources to the value added reseller (VAR) team to handle the increased demand.

Over the next quarter, we plan to provide our existing 80+ partners with the training they need to significantly grow their businesses this year. We'll also be inviting a maximum of 100 additional partners to join the program in the next quarter. Prospective partners should explore the free educational training provided at the new partner website, and start and implement a trial of the HubSpot software, in order to demonstrate their potential.

Originally published Apr 12, 2010 11:52:00 AM, updated July 12 2013