Learn About the Art of Trust Based Selling With Charles Green & Mark Roberge

by Pamela Vaughan


Jun 7, 2010 11:36:00 AM

Charles Green and Mark RobergeLooking to improve the level of trust in your business' relationships and sales?

This Wednesday evening, HubSpot VP Sales Mark Roberge will be joining Charles Green to speak at the HBS Association of Boston event, "How to Win Sales and Influence People: The Art of Trust Based Selling."  Charles Green is author of the book Trust-Based Selling and is CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates.

The event, scheduled for this Wednesday, June 9 from 6 to 9 p.m. on the Harvard Business School campus, will seek to address the key principles of trust-based selling, which include:

  • Why value propositions are overrated
  • The power of reciprocity on influence, and where it appears in business
  • Why individuals get seduced into trust-destroying behaviors
  • Why trust-based selling doesn't draw down on trust-it creates it in the sales process itself
  • Ten insights and practical tools that can improve the trust level in your business relationships and sales

As VP Sales, Mark has integrated trust based selling in each stage of the HubSpot sales methodology.  He will join Charles, who has spoken to, consulted for and conducted seminars about trusted relationships in business for a wide and global range of industries and functions, to discuss why trust plays such a powerful role in the art of selling.

For additional information and to register to attend Wednesday's event, visit http://www.hbsab.org/article.html?aid=346.

For a complete list of HubSpot's upcoming speaking engagements, check out the HubSpot Events Page.

Mark hopes to see you there! 

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