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/ February 8, 2018 Why Your Handshake Matters (And How to Perfect It)
Why Your Handshake Matters (And How to Perfect It)

By Riley Stefano

Handshakes come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the fist bump, the awkward turtle, the lumberjack, the turkey, the lobster claw. But, these aren’t the handshakes you want to bring to work. Your handshake is often someone’s first impression of you. It’s that first connection that sets the tone for an entire interview or client meeting. (No pressure.) Unfortunately, we’ve all been on the receiving end of a bad handshake which can only mean one thing: Lots of us are just doing it all wrong.

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/ February 1, 2018 How to Find an Amazing Boss
How to Find an Amazing Boss

By Janessa Lantz


I wrote a post recently about how a great boss is a career accelerator and why it’s worth evaluating a new boss as critically as we evaluate a new role. The post sparked with people, and the most common response I heard was: “But how do I do that?”

😮 uh-oh.

I wish I had a simple answer. I don’t. But I’ll try. Just keep in mind, this is not a complete list, only a few things I’ve started to look for in my own search for an amazing boss.

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/ January 25, 2018 Cheat Sheet: How to Prep for Networking Events
Cheat Sheet: How to Prep for Networking Events

By Jenny Power

Networking events are a great way to meet new people, learn from interesting speakers or leaders, and get your name out there. But that doesn’t make them easy. There are a number of traps that people can fall into during networking events. Introducing yourself to new people can be daunting, and knowing what you want to get out of a networking event can be confusing. (A business card? A job?) To get rid of ambiguity (and awkwardness) before your next event, keep reading for 5 tips that will help you flourish the next time you find yourself in a room of future LinkedIn connections.

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/ January 4, 2018 Why You Should Always Write a Post-Interview Thank You Email
Why You Should Always Write a Post-Interview Thank You Email

By Rizel Bobb-Semple

During your childhood, your parents taught you many little lessons to help you succeed in life. Brush your teeth at least twice a day.  Lay your clothes out the night before. Pay your taxes (on time). Blow candles out before you go to sleep. Chew with your mouth closed. Tie a bright-colored ribbon to your luggage. Always wear clean underwear. Say please and thank you. Make your bed in the morning.

Big yawn, right? As a kid, much of this advice seemed trivial, but as we grew older, we began to recognize the value in all those little lessons. I have one more seemingly insignificant, yet worthwhile piece of advice to add to your ever-growing list of lifehacks: send a thank you email within the first 24 hours of a job interview.

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/ December 14, 2017 5 Pieces of Advice from Women Leaders in Business
5 Pieces of Advice from Women Leaders in Business

By Katie Burke

It’s been an... interesting year for women to say the least. On one hand, “feminism” is the Merriam Webster word of the year and it’s impossible to deny the power of the voices being raised through the #metoo movement and the Women’s March. On the other hand, the data, the storylines of workplace harassment, and the sheer volume of bad news makes it hard to be optimistic about the current state of women in the business world.

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/ December 12, 2017 Choose an Amazing Boss. Role is Secondary.
Choose an Amazing Boss. Role is Secondary.

By Janessa Lantz

My first job out of college I got incredibly lucky — I unwittingly stumbled into working for a remarkable boss.

The job itself was unglamorous. I was working as an administrative assistant at a B2B consulting/SaaS company. But I had a boss that was thoughtful, talented, and saw potential in me.

She encouraged me, gave me increasing responsibilities, vouched for me. I was incredibly ambitious and largely ignorant about how to do B2B (business to business) marketing, but she saw how quickly I was learning and helped me figure out how to expand both my role and impact at the company.

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/ November 16, 2017 How to Answer: Do You Have Any More Questions
How to Answer: Do You Have Any More Questions

By Elissa Barrett

It's asked all the time - it’s the universal way to wrap up an interview. The last question an interviewer will almost always ask is, “Do you have any other questions for me?”

Often, that question is answered with “No, I think we’ve answered most of my questions.” Or, “No, someone answered them all earlier.” Or simply, “No.”

The constant here is that every single person that answers that question with some form of “No” misses a great opportunity to reclaim the interview. Because as much as the interviewer is interviewing you, you’re also interviewing them.

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