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/ February 22, 2018 3 Reasons Why “Starting at the Bottom” of the Career Ladder is the Catalyst to Getting to the Top
3 Reasons Why “Starting at the Bottom” of the Career Ladder is the Catalyst to Getting to the Top

By Maddie Schiess

Soon after my college graduation I unexpectedly fell into a role doing marketing at a cash-rich tech startup that developed enterprise training apps. A few weeks after I started we got our first (and only) big round of funding — which meant that as a company we now had the opportunity to make some big plays.

As a young, newly-minted professional in the real world, it was a dream come true. Due to the inherent nature of a start-up and the “wearer of many hats” mentality, I was able to get my feet wet in all facets of the company. From marketing and content creation to product development and sales. And because we were a small team, I was able to take on responsibility, ... Read More

/ February 1, 2018 How to Find an Amazing Boss
How to Find an Amazing Boss

By Janessa Lantz


I wrote a post recently about how a great boss is a career accelerator and why it’s worth evaluating a new boss as critically as we evaluate a new role. The post sparked with people, and the most common response I heard was: “But how do I do that?”

😮 uh-oh.

I wish I had a simple answer. I don’t. But I’ll try. Just keep in mind, this is not a complete list, only a few things I’ve started to look for in my own search for an amazing boss.

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/ December 12, 2017 Choose an Amazing Boss. Role is Secondary.
Choose an Amazing Boss. Role is Secondary.

By Janessa Lantz

My first job out of college I got incredibly lucky — I unwittingly stumbled into working for a remarkable boss.

The job itself was unglamorous. I was working as an administrative assistant at a B2B consulting/SaaS company. But I had a boss that was thoughtful, talented, and saw potential in me.

She encouraged me, gave me increasing responsibilities, vouched for me. I was incredibly ambitious and largely ignorant about how to do B2B (business to business) marketing, but she saw how quickly I was learning and helped me figure out how to expand both my role and impact at the company.

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/ March 7, 2017 Building an Operating System for Work/Life Balance
Building an Operating System for Work/Life Balance

By Alison Elworthy

I’ll never forget the day HubSpot became a public company. Not only had we made it from a small office in Cambridge to the New York Stock Exchange, but I was six-months pregnant at the time of our IPO. Through a professional and personal lens, the day was surreal to say the least, especially since my journey from interning to bell-ringing was full of zigs and zags.

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/ December 2, 2016 Why Tech Needs More Liberal Arts Graduates
Why Tech Needs More Liberal Arts Graduates

By Magdalena Georgieva

All the pomp and circumstance that comes with graduating from college seems to quickly fade when your next adventure sinks in: job searching. If you graduated with a liberal arts degree, like I did, then this may hit especially close to home. For liberal arts majors, it’s easy to feel at odds with the working world at first. Knowing how to code, tweet, or build a web page is the golden ticket today. Being fluent in art history or gender studies? Not so much.

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/ March 28, 2016 The Secret to the Perfect Cover Letter: Don’t Write One
The Secret to the Perfect Cover Letter: Don’t Write One

By Caroline Cotto

Talk to any job seeker today and you’ll hear an almost unanimous response about the state of his or her search: writing cover letters sucks.

As someone who recently spent months looking for a job, I couldn’t agree more. For me, funemployment (albeit, not so fun), looked a lot like this: wake up, scour for open positions, find one that seems interesting enough to apply to, and then spend the remaining hours of the day slaving away over the perfect cover letter. Honing the wording, finding the right person to address it to, bearing my soul - but not too much.

Cover letters require you to become a master of the humblebrag. You have to talk about yourself in a way that is not too proud, not too modest, but, Goldilocks’ style, just the right amount of shameless self-promotion.

Then, when I’d finally send off a perfectly crafted, four paragraphs of spell-checked awesome, I’d invariably wake up the next morning to an “insert name here” email telling me that the company had reviewed my materials and that I didn’t meet the qualifications for the position.

Dude, it’s been less than 24 hours. Did you even read my cover letter?

The answer, I’m afraid, is usually a hard “NO.”

Jobvite’s annual Talent Acquisition Report revealed that 60% of recruiters found cover letters to be the least important factor in deciding if candidates were a good fit for their company. And, anecdotally, the same percentage reported not reading them at all.

With over 250 applicants, on average, applying for a single job posting, cover letters no longer align with the pace and scale of the current hiring market. What we need is Mean Girls-inspired reality check: Let's stop trying to make cover letters happen. They're not going to happen!

That’s why we decided, once and for all, to take them out of the equation. As of this week, HubSpot applications no longer require cover letters. Hello there, 21st century.

So, if the cover letter is going extinct, how can you stand out in the hiring process? Candidates should showcase themselves in modern and creative ways. Here at HubSpot and out in the wild, we’ve seen some remarkable examples of cover letter alternatives that blew recruiters away. Let’s explore some examples to help get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully, you’re left inspired for tackling your next job application with content that goes beyond the age-old cover letter.

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