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/ October 27, 2017 Why Today’s “Working Mom” is Your Company's Best Asset
Why Today’s “Working Mom” is Your Company's Best Asset

By Laurie Aquilante


I’d only been back to work from maternity leave for a few weeks when my son came down with an awful cold. My husband took him to the doctor and they gave us some advice: The more you can breastfeed him, directly from your body versus pumping, the faster he’ll get better.


That was my honest reaction to my first conflict between motherhood and my career.

Should I leave early and go home to my son? Do I work from home for a few days so I can nurse him in real time? I just got back from maternity leave. What about my team? My work? My husband and I are “progressive”; he is a “stay-at-home-dad” and I’m a “working ... Read More

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